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Beyond the Song: Living Faith talks about “I See Jesus”

Written by Staff on February 26, 2019 – 2:41 pm -

Living Faith

Living Faith

Jantina de Haan went Beyond the Song to ask Mark Byrd of Living Faith about the song “I See Jesus”

“The writers Debbie Davis and Bernadette Negus both had experienced a family member in their final hours here in this life, saying moments before taking their last breath, that they could see into Heaven and see loved ones that had passed before them,” shares Mark Byrd.

“I personally have witnessed the same thing as my grandmother passed from this life over 30 years ago.

“The song starts talking about Stephen when he was about to be stoned. The Heavens opened up and he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father.

“From the first time we sang (this song,) we’ve had people come to us with tear-filled eyes, telling us about witnessing the same accounts when their loved ones passed.

Living Faith CD "This is Why"

Living Faith CD “This is Why”

“I truly believe God gives us this gift to strengthen our faith as we watch our friends and family leave from this life and enter eternity.”

“I See Jesus” is from Living Faith’s latest album, “This is Why,” released through 3rd Avenue Sound Recording Studio. © Copyright – Living Faith. Release Date: June 29, 2018.

“With a beautiful blend of melodic bass, crisp lead, sweet tenor and spot-on baritone, Living Faith is bringing their brand of Southern gospel to many new audiences through their current radio release. If you haven’t yet heard their recent single, you will soon. “I See Jesus” is an incredible expression of faith and vision. ” –SGNScoops Fast Five on Living Faith HERE.

Living Faith is Mark Byrd, Rodney James, Nathan James, and Mary Mooney. For more information on Living Faith click HERE.

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Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2019

Creekside Gospel Music Convention 2019




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Donna King Lands in Top Ten of NSAI Song Contest

Written by Staff on February 6, 2015 – 10:00 am -

TwitterandFB_ProfileLast October, upwards of 2000 songwriters entered songs in the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) Song Contest presented by CMT (Country Music Television Network).

On February 1, 2015 the Top Ten Finalists were announced and among that select group was producer, songwriter, and artist in her own right, Donna King. Donna is well known in Christian music circles, having written, produced, and performed many hit Christian songs. However, this particular song is from Donna’s Country music songwriting collection. The song is entitled “THIS KIND OF COLD.”

Donna says, “I am still in complete shock over making it to the NSAI CMT Song Contest Top 10 Finalists. I know I have to write songs and nothing I am able to do is done in my own strength. I pray that each song I write will find the home it was meant to live in. Some of those songs are just meant to live in my own heart and others are meant to reach places that I can only imagine they might go.

“The most wonderful thing about this contest is the opportunity to expand the reach of my songs and to live fully in what I feel is God’s most definitive call on my life. I congratulate every finalist for their achievement and I thank the NSAI and CMT for helping to create a path for songs that may never otherwise have an opportunity to be heard. I also thank every person taking the time to vote for “THIS KIND OF COLD” and to share it with others to vote as well. Finally, I thank God. He knows the plans He has for me…Jeremiah 29.11.”

Donna King

Donna King

The GRAND PRIZE winner of the NSAI Song Contest is determined solely by fan voteRight now through February 28th, 2015, Donna will need our help by voting and also by sharing/asking others to vote for her song, “This Kind of Cold,” on the CMT website. You only need to vote one time per person and it’s as easy as selecting Donna’s song, entering your email address and submitting. The direct link to the NSAI CMT Song Contest page is . When sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and the like, please use hashtags #NSAIsongcontest #VOTEThisKindOfCold when possible.

Also, to make it even easier, Donna’s family has graciously set up a listening link to her song and a direct link to the CMT Voting site. You can find the links here:

Good luck Donna and we are pulling for you!


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SGN Scoops Top 100 for October 2014  

Written by Staff on October 21, 2014 – 1:18 pm -


1     Karen Peck and New River       Everybody’s Going Through Something

2     11th Hour       How Will You Plead

3     Whisnants       Not Afraid To Trust Him

4     Hyssongs       I Was Blind But Now I See

5     Old Paths       Love Them To Jesus

6     McKameys       There Is Jesus

7     Hoskins Family       God Is Big

8     Talleys       Hidden Heroes

9     Browders       Listening For The Shout

10    Bowling Family       I Know Enough

11    Brian Free and Assurance       Say Amen

12    Shellem Cline       Dinner With Jesus

13    Carolina Boys       Watch And Pray

14    Perrys       I Can Trust Him

15    Dunaways       Church In The Kitchen

16    Kingsmen       Oh Yes I Am

17    Gordon Mote       Ain’t It Just Like The Lord

18    Joseph Habedank       Never No Never

19    Barry Rowland and Deliverance       He’s Still God

20    Gold City       Never Too Broken To Belong

21    Dixie Melody Boys       That Story Is Mine

22    Ernie Haase and Signature Sound       Water Walking God

23    Zane and Donna King       If There Was Any Other Way

24    Mark Bishop       Love’s Gonna Get You

25    Booth Brothers       If God Didn’t Care

26    Social Security Boys       I’m Not What I Was

27    Gaither Vocal Band       God Leads Us Along

28    Soul’d Out Quartet       Hey Everybody

29    Tony Burchette       We’ll Soon Be Gone

30    Greater Vision       For All He’s Done

31    Legacy Five       Christ Is Still The King

32    Dennis Cook       Crying In The Chapel

33    East Ridge Boys       He’s Leaving His Throne

34    Pauline Patterson       I Fell Down

35    Collingsworth Family       How Great His Love/Love Found a Pardon

36    Calebs Crossing       What I’m Made To Be

37    John Lanier       Look For Me

38    Kingdom Heirs       I’ll Know I’m Home

39    Bev McCann       Thunder

40    Red Roots       Great Big Yes

41    Shellem Cline       Look Up

42    Debra Perry and Jaidyns Call       Coming After Me

43    Inspirations       God’s Word Will Stand

44    Charles Surrate       Just Stand

45    The Gospelaires       Miracle

46    Jim Sheldon       Even After

47    Jeff and Sheri Easter       I’ll Take It

48    Martins       If We Ever Needed The Lord Before

49    Mylon Hayes Family       Prayer Meeting

50    Adam Crabb       Hey Now

Read more »

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Steve Hess and Southern Salvation Begin New Recording with New Group Member

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 29, 2012 – 10:17 pm -

Nashville, TN – Choice Promotions is excited to announce the upcoming radio release of “Stand Up And Shout” the new single from the upcoming recording “Revived” by Steve Hess and Southern Salvation.

The single co written by Steve Hess and Michael Puryear should prove to be the most requested single since Steve and Southern Salvation began just 3 years ago. Hess states ” Out of the songs that I have written in the past, “Stand Up And Shout” is one that the church needs to hear today. With the downturn in the economy and the chaos that we read and view in the news, this song is encouragement to the Christians. Our manager Eric Melton was on the road with us filling the lead spot for a few weekends, I had the chorus down and sang it to him. Eric was ecstatic about the single and highly recommending we single it to radio. Michael Puryear co wrote the groups earlier single “God’s Grace Is Greatest” 2 years ago that made such strong impact at radio nationwide. With “Stand Up and Shout”, We are anticipating even greater things to come.” Steve Hess and Southern Salvation are keeping a busy schedule with Hess, Tenor Chad Riley and newest member lead Rodney Tyson.

The single will shipped in the coming two weeks both from Choice Promotions and Jan Puryear Promotions. You can find more information by going to , or

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Eighth Day Continues Winning Streak at Radio with “May I Never Get Over the Cross”

Written by Scoops Staff on March 29, 2011 – 8:34 am -

New Single Cracks AGM Top 10 and Singing News Top 40

SPARTANBURG, S.C. – (March 28, 2011) – Popular Southern Gospel trio Eighth Day continues their winning streak at radio this month with their latest single “May I Never Get Over the Cross.”

“May I Never Get Over the Cross,” the group’s fifth single from the highly acclaimed Everything Holy recording, recently cracked the Top 10 of the (formerly Top 40 Weekly Chart and will jump to #36 on the upcoming May 2011 issue of the Singing News Top 40 Chart.

“This is such great news for our ministry,” responded Scott Robinson of Eighth Day. “Radio has been so good to us over the last few years, and we are so thankful for their support. This song is a great ministry tool for us, and I’m so happy to see that radio has taken to the song as well.”

“May I Never Get Over the Cross” was released to radio earlier this year through Spin-N-Motion Promotions.

Eighth Day was recently honored with news that they were named as one of the 20 most played artists of 2010. According to (formerly, Eighth Day ranked #14 on the Top 20 Most Played Artists of 2010 list – in between mainstays and hit makers The Isaacs and The Bowling Family. The list was compiled by the Top 40 Weekly Chart year-end figures.

More information on Eighth Day can be found at

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Patterson Promotions promoting Sunday Drive Single

Written by Scoops Staff on December 8, 2010 – 12:27 pm -

{EHA-Nashville,TN} Sunday Drive’s, “When I Get There,” is experiencing success with airplay as the group sent the latest single to radio through Patterson Promotions October 1, 2010. The Southern Gospel group, who has been known as Sunday Drive since 2007, started a competition for fans to come up with a new name for them. Members, Ernie, Brenda, Eric, and Charlotte traveled with Charlotte’s mom for years as the Sons Family.

The Son’s Family experienced much success with several chartbusters. The group’s mission is still as always: to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song. So far, that seems to be working well, as their latest single release is being heard across the country everywhere. Pauline Patterson of Patterson Promotions notes, “It’s a joy and honor to work with such a fine group. I wish them much success in their ministry. Knowing and loving the Sons Family all these years makes it such a joy to continue my affiliation with this wonderful group.”
The group is on Patterson Promotions Volume 3 Radio Compilation Disc.
To contact the group:
Radio Promotions:

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Jay Stone Singers’ Tribute to Soldiers Picked Up By Country Radio Station

Written by Scoops Staff on November 10, 2010 – 2:39 pm -

Hope Mills, NC – “Prayer of a Soldier’s Child,” recorded by Jay Stone Singers and written by group member Sharona Stone Carter, was picked up this week by WKML-FM, a popular mainstream country radio station based in Fayettville, North Carolina.

The station’s proximity to the Fort Bragg army base as well as it being Veteran’s Day this week seem to have spurred requests for the song, which is being played multiple times throughout the day.

Carter’s lyrics speak to letters children write to their parents while overseas, but also to the prayers these children might utter, including the lines, “Dear Jesus, thank You for dying for my sins. Will you keep my daddy safe? When he fights, will you help him win?”

While not officially released as a single, the song has grown in popularity as the Jay Stone Singers perform throughout the country.

The song is part of their latest recording, Fully Committed, which was released by Crossroads Music this past July.

For more about the Jay Stone Singers, visit them at or on their Facebook.

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2nd Generation’s “I’ll Not Fear the Crossing” Impacts Radio This Week

Written by Scoops Staff on June 3, 2010 – 3:28 pm -

OAK GROVE, Ark.  – Diamond Award nominated trio 2nd Generation continues to make their impact at Southern Gospel radio. This week, the group’s new single, “I’ll Not Fear the Crossing,” will hit program director’s desks.

“We are so excited about releasing ‘I’ll Not Fear the Crossing’ to Southern Gospel radio,” mentioned Elaine Parks of 2nd Generation. “This song always goes over very well in live settings, and we believe that radio will love this song!”

“I’ll Not Fear the Crossing” is the fourth single from the group’s breakthrough recording I See a City. The song was penned by Dove Award-winning songwriter Gerald Crabb. The song was released this month through Rhonda Thompson Promotions and is the follow-up to the (formerly Top 20 smash hit “The Blood Covered It All.”

Chris Unthank, program director for the award-winning said, “2nd Generation has remained a hit with our listeners since their first single a couple years ago. ‘I’ll Not Fear the Crossing’ is an immediate add for us. This group knows how to pick the right songs!”

Fans continue to respond to the music of 2nd Generation on Southern Gospel radio.  The group’s last single, “The Blood Covered It All,” recently reached the #1 spot on the popular Top 40 Fan Chart.  “The Blood Covered It All” is the second single from the popular trio to reach the top spot.  Last year, the group saw “Feel the Joy” take the #1 spot as well.  In addition to the Top 40 Fan Chart, that single from the group charted on the Singing News Top 80 (#56) and (formerly Top 40 Weekly Chart (#14).

2nd Generation was recently greeted with news that they have received their first Diamond Award nomination. The nominees were announced last month in the May 2010 issue of SGN Scoops Digital, and 2nd Generation was nominated for the Sunrise Award.  The Sunrise Award honors up and coming artists in the Gospel music community.

The group is currently preparing to enter the studio to record their third album.  More information on that process will be released at a later date.

For more information on 2nd Generation – visit

You can also find out more information about the group on their MySpace at  The group’s ShoutLife can be found at

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Written by Scoops Staff on May 29, 2010 – 8:32 am -

The Project’s First Single, “Yours To Take,” Is The Highest Debut This Week At #23 On The Christian AC Indicator Chart

Nashville, TN (May 26, 2010) —- It’s been a whirlwind of activity for singer/songwriter Jimmy Needham around the release date of his third project, Nightlights. The project’s street date was May 18, 2010 and immediately the album sent fans into the stores and online to buy a copy. For the first time in his career, Needham debuted at #9 on the Contemporary Christian Combined Album Chart with sales that doubled his first two releases.  At the same time, Nightlights reached the #1 position on the Digital Album charts.

After the success of Needham’s first two projects, expectations were high for the development of this artist and Needham did not disappoint his fans, radio or media.  CCM magazine proclaims, The growth curve climbed exactly as imagined…the Houston native’s progression continues at the same impressive rate as before on Nightlights. Radio is also responding to Needham’s first single from the album, “Yours To Take,” as it’s the highest debut this week at #23 on the Christian AC Indicator chart.

“Jimmy has truly become an artist whose staying power continues to rise with each new release,” says Andrew Patton, GM/VP of Label Operations, Inpop Records.  “The growth in sales and continued strong radio airplay shows the consumer base responding and growing with each record.  Just spend a few minutes listening to fan comments on the social sites or through digital outlets, and you’ll see for yourself the impact his songs and artistry is having on people.”

Nightlights was produced by Calvin Turner (Marc Broussard) and features twelve new songs written or co-written by Needham, with the thirteenth song being a remake of the pop classic, “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You).”  Millions of fans were treated to a live performance of the new tunes during a worldwide broadcast of Needham’s CD release party in The Woodlands, TX.   An upcoming feature in the Houston Chronicle will feature the concert in an artist profile of Needham on May 28th. Needham was in Nashville this week to perform “Yours To Take” live on Nashville’s Fox 17 TN Mornings and then taped “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” on WSMV’s Better Nashville. The show will air on May 28th.  The following week, Needham has several interviews on tap that includes Lifeway’s Stand Firm Magazine, The Christian Manifesto and

Photo ID (left to right): Shane Tallant, co-host, TN Mornings; Jimmy Needham; Kelly Sutton, co-host TN Mornings

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Brothers Forever Scores Latest Top 40 Hit

Written by Scoops Staff on May 22, 2010 – 8:27 am -

Song Continues to Take Internet Radio By Storm!

CHURCH HILL, Tenn. – (May 19, 2010) – Popular trio Brothers Forever was greeted with news last week that their current single has become the group’s latest Top 40 hit. The group’s fan-favorite hit song “Be Alright,” debuted on the (formerly Top 40 Weekly Chart last week at #40. The song rose to #36 on this week’s issue of the industry’s most watched weekly chart.

Curtis Hagy of Brothers Forever said, “We are so excited to see that our song is doing so well on Southern Gospel radio! We are fortunate to have a lot of success off of our current release – Sheltered. We have to thank everyone who has called and requested the song or voted for it on various online surveys! The people that support our ministry really do mean the world to us!”

“Be Alright” becomes Brothers Forever’s fifth Top 40 single on the popular chart.  The group’s previous singles to chart on the weekly report were “I Am Him,” “I Can’t Forget the Day,” “I Feel a Blessing Coming On,” and “My Everything.”

In addition, the song has had a resounding impact on internet radio – including charting at #1 on the Top 30 chart – making it the group’s fifth consecutive #1 hit on that chart from their Sheltered release.

“Be Alright” has also seen a surge of fan support. The song recently took the #1 spot on the Southern Gospel industry’s most popular fan-based chart – Top 40 Fan Chart.  “Be Alright” took the #1 spot on the chart for the week of February 22, 2010 after spending several weeks bubbling under the top position.

The Top 40 Fan Chart is the only chart in the Southern Gospel community that is determined solely by votes from fans of the genre. To vote on the popular chart – log on to .

Brothers Forever are currently booking dates for their upcoming
Fall tour.  More information on that will be announced at a later date. 

To visit the newly designed Brothers Forever website, visit


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