Jay Stone Singers’ Tribute to Soldiers Picked Up By Country Radio Station

Hope Mills, NC – “Prayer of a Soldier’s Child,” recorded by Jay Stone Singers and written by group member Sharona Stone Carter, was picked up this week by WKML-FM, a popular mainstream country radio station based in Fayettville, North Carolina.

The station’s proximity to the Fort Bragg army base as well as it being Veteran’s Day this week seem to have spurred requests for the song, which is being played multiple times throughout the day.

Carter’s lyrics speak to letters children write to their parents while overseas, but also to the prayers these children might utter, including the lines, “Dear Jesus, thank You for dying for my sins. Will you keep my daddy safe? When he fights, will you help him win?”

While not officially released as a single, the song has grown in popularity as the Jay Stone Singers perform throughout the country.

The song is part of their latest recording, Fully Committed, which was released by Crossroads Music this past July.

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