SGNScoops Fast Five with The Mark Dubbeld Family

SGNScoops Fast Five with The Mark Dubbeld Family
SGNScoops Fast Five with The Mark Dubbeld Family

Recently, we asked The Mark Dubbeld Family five questions. We call it the SGNScoops FAST FIVE.

What should you know about this Family who are appearing on Gospel Music charts across the country?

They are Nashville Recording Artists, touring across the Nation with over 175 appearance, and were featured artists at National Quartet Convention from 2013 through 2016. They have been the Spotlight Artist on the Gospel Greats as well as having their music played on XM radio. 

The Mark Dubbeld Family is celebrating their five year anniversary in 2016. Some of their Top 40 songs you may recognize include: “Nothing But Praise,” “The Reward,” “Inside The Gate,” “Higher Than I,” and “A Little Bit Better.”  

Here are the questions and answers. We hope you enjoy learning more about this talented family.

SGNScoops Fast Five with The Mark Dubbeld Family
SGNScoops Fast Five with The Mark Dubbeld Family

Tell us how The Mark Dubbeld Family was formed and when.

The Mark Dubbeld Family from Moneta, Virginia, are renowned for inspiring, originally penned songs, family harmony, and a sincere desire to communicate the Gospel through their music and testimony. They have been making a significant impact in Gospel Music and touching lives with a song to sing, a word to write, and a call to answer. The Mark Dubbeld Family has been singing and in ministry for 25 years.

The Family consists of Mark and Janene along with their children, Elena – 20 years old, Channing – 15 years old and Britton – 12 years old. Each of them play an active role in the ministry.

What is your current radio single?

Our single is “This Is What I Know,” written by Janene Dubbeld.

This is from Darren Lore the day after the Election, on Facebook: “…It’s a blessing and comfort to know that the Lamb of God is still on HIS throne! Nothing takes our God by surprise. Let the Church of Christ arise to the challenges of our day. For Such a Time as This, we are strategically positioned in our communities, nationwide. Let the Children of God continue to pray for an old-fashioned revival to sweep our Nation.

Many awoke today feeling stunned and disillusioned. Others, arose feeling joyous and victorious. The Mark Dubbeld Family’s current single, THIS IS WHAT I KNOW, is a reminder for all of us to grip God’s hand. And, I’m thankful that God’s grip is tighter than yours or mine! I encourage you to play THIS IS WHAT I KNOW, today!! THIS IS WHAT I KNOW will cheer your listening audience. It is an UPBEAT, UPLIFTING, PURE, SOUTHERN GOSPEL music, at it’s VERY BEST! In my opinion, The Mark Dubbeld Family is under-rated. But, their current single is gaining momentum. We appreciate your airplay and support of this full-time, family ministry. Find THIS IS WHAT I KNOW on Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions Vol. 4/ 2016 compilation. Thanks for spinning great SOUTHERN GOSPEL music with THE MESSAGE!” - Darren W. Lore/Family/J.U.M.P.

Mark Dubbeld FamilyMark, will you share your testimony?

Mark: I gave my life to Jesus as a 12-year-old boy. I started to travel and sing gospel music when I was 15-years-old in a Bible school quartet and then as a High School Senior, I met the love of my life and we were married and went to Bible College in Cincinnatti, OH. We both studied Music and graduated with Church Music degrees. In 1991, we went in to full-time Music Evangelism.

God has been so faithful to allow us to be in ministry from day one. Now, 25 years later, our whole family is involved in Kingdom work. I have seen the hand of God in my life and we are so blessed to be able to sing the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

What are some future goals for this upcoming year for the ministry?

We are excited, on a weekly basis, how God continues to open new doors of ministry and our music keeps reaching many for Jesus. We desire to grow, expand, and be an impact player in Gospel Music. We are anticipating working on our new gospel CD for release in 2017.

What is your contact information? 

Online at

Mark Dubbeld Family 3291 Stony Fork Rd. Moneta, VA 24121

How can we purchase your cd? Our website and click on the Resources link.

Janene Dubbled also has a new Christmas book! We are proud to announce that Janene Dubbeld has been published by the award winning Guardian Angel Press! The new Children’s Christmas book is now available for your children and grandchildren. Giving can come in a variety of ways. This warm thought-provoking story is told to pass on the art and joy of “heart-giving” to children. Anyone can give, anytime, anywhere! The best gifts are those which come from deep inside our hearts. Share the story – love giving!