SGNScoops Magazine Unveils New Reader-Friendly Format

sgnscoops0413_smSince 1996, SGNScoops has been a trusted source for Southern Gospel news and information. Founded by Dr. Allen Smith, the publication has seen a few changes over the years. SGNScoops Magazine was the first Southern Gospel print magazine to go to online-only publishing. Purchased by Coastal Media, owners of, SGNScoops Magazine was re-launched in 2009 with the goal of gaining more reader interaction and also with the intention of expanding readership.

Since 2009, SGNScoops has grown drastically in popularity and is now proud to unveil its newest design. Pete and Staci Schwager, graphic and layout designers of SGNScoops Magazine have collaborated with owner and publisher, Rob Patz in order to offer a “flip-page” reading method. The flip- page format is in addition to the regular PDF format the magazine is now known for.

“Carrying on the vision that Dr. Allen Smith created, I’m excited to release this new magazine format,” Rob Patz explains. “The flip-page is a quicker download and allows us to maintain our professional appearance that many have come to expect from SGNScoops Magazine. We are doing our best to keep up with the latest trends in emerging technology while maintaining a high level of professionalism.”

Editor in Chief, Rhonda Frye adds, “It is a pleasure to receive positive comments from artists, industry professionals and the general public. Over and over, we hear compliments about our beautiful design and our heart-felt stories. I’m thrilled that we are now offering SGNScoops Magazine in this new layout so that our readers can enjoy our monthly presentation in a much more reader -friendly format.”

Keeping up with the demands of society, SGNScoops Magazine is now a perfect fit for mobile devices and tablets such as iPhones, Kindles and iPads. The PDF file will still be available on for readers who prefer the scroll down method. The flip-page format is just another optional reading method that is now available from SGNScoops Magazine. Both formats are free.