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Glasgow, KY (March 2, 2016) – The Sneed Family is proud to launch a new message. Before going to the polls, pray.  Voters should cast a vote only after time seeking God’s wisdom.  “When the answer comes from God, you don’t have to listen to what the media says. God will only give one answer, the correct answer, if we will listen to him,” said Jeff Sneed.


The message was launched today from the Sneed Family offices in Kentucky.  Jeff Sneed continued, “This is a critical time for our country.  We want to encourage Christians everywhere to take a moment and ask God who he would want to lead our nation.  This message is not a new concept, but this is a good time for those of us with conservative Christian values to be reminded.”


The design was birthed from a Sneed Family fan, Jennifer Garner Warinner, who felt burdened for people to pray.   After attending a concert, she knew God had called her to design something that would speak to all people.  “God clearly spoke to me that the Sneed Family had the courage to deliver the message,” said Warinner from her home in KY.



This message is in the form of a logo and is being offered for use by anyone.  “Please copy, print, post it everywhere!” said Caleb Cowen, the Sneed Family lead singer.  “Christians can be a light in this election cycle.  We hope this small piece of artwork will inspire us to ask God”, Cowen continued.


The group consists of family members who share the Gospel through their music and now desire to encourage voters.  “We must be heard, I’ve got a family and now a new grandson, this country is worth standing up for,” exclaimed Pam Sneed, the family matriarch.


The Sneed Family is a favorite to their southern Kentucky fans.  They provide an honest worship experience while providing encouragement.  There is lots of news from the Sneed Family as they plan to make 2016 a year where music is made and God is honored.


Watch for them on stage as well as on television with their production of “Sneed Family Music”.  The program is seen in over one million homes each week.  The Sneed Family brings music, and interviews from the best in Southern Gospel Music.  The show is now available online.


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