Stuart Stallings New Release ” He’s A Little Cracked”

Chapel Valley Music announced the release of their first comic album on the Sanctuary label by ChristianSS comedian Stuart Stallings. Stuart is the bass singer for Eternal Vision, a Southern Gospel mixed quartet from Knoxville, TN who also records on the Sanctuary label.

In addition to singing bass for Eternal Vision, Stuart is also known for his hilarious antics. As the comic relief for the group, he has become a favorite with audiences everywhere. In 2008, he was nominated in the top ten for “Favorite Christian Comedian”. “I learned something from that incident.” Stuart said. “Mark Lowry won that year because he has FANS!” “I have FACEBOOK FRIENDS, Mark got votes, I got pokes.” “Unfortunately, they only count VOTES!”

Though he didn’t win, it did inspire Stuart to expand his comedy efforts and that led to his latest project. The title of the project is, “Stuart Stallings, He’s A Little Cracked!”. Stuart shared the reason for the title with us. “We were dying Easter eggs with my granddaughter one year and one of the eggs cracked when it was boiled. We started to set it aside and not color it and my granddaughter said, “ain’t nothin’ wrong with it PaPa, it’s still a good egg, it’s just a little cracked,” at which point my daughter burst into laughter and said, Ain’t nothin’ wrong with PaPa, he’s a good egg, he’s just a little cracked!” I thought, that would make a good title for a comedy album. So here it is.

Stuart uses his unique talent to see the lighter side as he talks about his life. This is a laugh-filled expose on Stuart’s meeting his wife, their courtship, his kids, growing old together and ending with a touching message on the love of God.
Chapel Valley Music is excited to bring you this hilarious look into the life of one of the funniest guys we know. Stuart Stallings is indeed a “good egg” and there is no doubt, “he’s a little cracked”!