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The Freemans: Gospel roots run deep

Written by Staff on June 27, 2019 – 1:48 pm -

The Freemans

The Freemans have deep gospel music roots

More than thirty years ago, Chris and Darrell Freeman began the family musical legacy known as the Freemans. Their name is synonymous with gospel music. The Freemans have recorded 25 albums and garnered seven number one songs, and the foundation of their success has been the blessing of close-knit family ties paired with a passion for music that glorifies the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Having been influenced by the very roots of gospel music at the young age of 10 years old, Chris Freeman said her earliest memories of gospel music stem from hearing gospel music legends like Andraé Crouch and the Disciples, the Speers, the Happy Goodmans, and the Oak Ridge Boys. Yet the biggest musical influence on her life would be none other than her dad. “My dad was a pastor and a preacher. In fact, he also sang. He made his kids practice. We hated practicing. I don’t regret it now, but I hated it then. But he’s probably been my greatest influence,” said Chris.

Although her dad pastored a church and was also a singer when she was a young girl, Chris always felt down deep in her heart that there was more out there in the way of ministry. She auditioned more than once for positions singing gospel music, but rejection sent her home from Nashville, and back to California. Still, she now sees how God’s hand was working in her life all along, even from the very beginning. 

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Ernie Haase and Signature Sound highlight this week’s Harmony Road TV episode hosted by Darrell Freeman

Written by Staff on February 17, 2017 – 12:36 pm -

:Episode host: Darrell Freeman and the Freemans

Episode host: Darrell Freeman and the Freemans. This week’s show highlights Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Music and Video from Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, The Freemans, Red Roots, Woody Wright and Friends, High Road

Nashville, TN (February 16, 2017)  The new season of Harmony Road TV continues this week with a special episode hosted by Darrell Freeman. Music on the program includes “Sometimes I Wonder,” from Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Red Roots with “Christian Country Girl,” “Lead Me Home,” from The Freemans, and High Road with “Angel at the Crossroads.”
The program also features Woody Wright and Friends, with a hymn medley (“Power in the Blood” and “Victory in Jesus,”) featuring Larry Gatlin and other top artists.

Red Roots

Red Roots

Episode host, Darrell Freeman has traveled with family group, the Freemans for over 30 years. A perennial favorite, the Freemans have had over 20 top ten and seven number one songs, including The Singing News Song of the Year, for “Three Rugged Crosses,” in 2010. “Lead Me Home,” featuring Darrell, has been one of the most requested videos on Harmony Road TV.

Harmony Road TV continues to provide awareness of a “culture of life” through a series of announcements from Choices. Information on Choices can be found at

The episode was taped at the Mansion Music studio in Franklin, Tennessee, and was directed and edited by Rob Walls of Varnish Films. Rob Patz of Coastal Media is also a producer at Harmony Road TV. Danny Joines of Online Media Studios provides the web presence for the show.

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Broadcasting on The Heartland Network, NRBTV, The WALKTV, WATC57 in Atlanta and several more outlets, Harmony Road TV is available to over 90 million homes weekly, across the nation and internationally. Information on networks and times can be found online at road tv logo

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Happy Birthday Darrell!

Written by scoopsnews on April 9, 2016 – 7:20 pm -


Happy Birthday from SGN Scoops!


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The Freemans Return to Creekside Gospel Music Convention

Written by Staff on May 15, 2015 – 12:59 pm -

Creekside posterPigeon Forge, TN – Creekside Gospel Music Convention is thrilled to announce the return of The Freemans to their stage in Pigeon Forge. The Freemans appeared last year during the 2014 Diamond Awards, receiving the Video/DVD of the Year and Christian Country Group of the Year! The audience enjoyed the music of The Freemans and Creekside is glad they have decided to return.

Freemans 2015

Freemans 2015

“We are excited to again be apart of the Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge,” says Chris Freeman. “It’s always a pleasure to work with Rob Patz and all of those that work hard to bring together this event. It’s a great way to start the finishing weeks of another year in the ministry.”

Darrell Freeman agrees. “We are excited about all that is happening for The Freemans this summer. We are performing in new areas of the country, preparing for the finishing and release of Chris’s album paying tribute to the Hinsons, adding new products to our store, myself hosting new episodes of Nashville Country Revival and our continuation of working to keep our spirits and passion at their highest to bring genuine listening and performance quality to our fans.”
The Freemans perform at 2014 Diamond Awards

The Freemans perform at 2014 Diamond Awards

“The Freemans are a great bunch of people and a wonderful addition to Creekside,” says Rob Patz, publisher of SGN Scoops, one of the sponsors of the event. “Their music is distinctive and inspiring, and I can’t wait to see if the fans will be honoring them with another Diamond Award this year!”

The Freemans are joining the Hoskins Family, the Williamsons, Dr. Jerry Goff and more at the Creekside Gospel Music Convention, held on November 2nd through 5th at Pigeon Forge, TN. Fans are encouraged to reserve their tickets early. For ticket and lodging information, contact Rob Patz at or 360-920-4057. For more information visit

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Nashville Country Revival Adds More Stations

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 16, 2015 – 11:24 pm -

Nashville Country Revival

Nashville Country Revival

The reboot of Nashville Country Revival (Featuring New Host: Darrell Freeman) has enjoyed great success with its debut on the Heartland Network and now is proud to be a featured show on DirecTv’s TCT Network (Channel 377) every Wednesday. NCR made its TCT premiere on January 14th and will re-air its opening show on January 28th and will follow in order over the following 9 weeks. The show can continued to be followed on Heartland Network (Check Local Listings) every Sunday at 9:30AM CST & 8:30PM CST. Does your Tv programming provider not carry any station the show airs on? Well there’s good news! More Networks are picking up the show so visit and LIKE our Facebook page (Nashville Country Revival) to see where you can view the show or if you prefer watching your favorite shows online, you can find the show and stream it through HULU! While you’re on Facebook, keep up with Darrell on the “Darrell Freeman Fan Community” Facebook page. So grab a seat and tune in to watch the best in Gospel and Positive Country music. “From the backroads to Broadway, this is Nashville Country Revival!”

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A New Season of Nashville Country Revival to Debut on Heartland TV

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on December 1, 2014 – 9:04 am -

Nashville Country Revival

Nashville Country Revival

Franklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) December 1st, 2014 – When Nashville Country Revival was conceived and created by Mansion Entertainment over two years ago it had its debut on The Nashville Network (now known as Heartland TV). In 2014, Mansion Entertainment teamed up with Big Merlin Productions and added popular Gospel Music performer Darrell Freeman as host for a new season of NCR. The new Nashville Country Revival season will once again make its debut on Heartland TV, Sunday December 7th at 9:30am CST. The show is scheduled to air each Sunday in the 9:30am CST time slot.
From its inception, Nashville Country Revival has featured inspiring concept videos from well known Gospel, Country and Bluegrass artists performing songs with a Country or Bluegrass flavor. The show has also been instrumental in introducing viewers to up and coming artists artists as well. Additional network airings are in the works with announcements to be made at a later date.

The new episodes of Nashville Country Revival will also be made available on the MUSIC Mansion Roku Channel for households with Roku devices. Roku has been one of the leading over-the-top platforms for television viewing with over 10 million devices sold.
For more information on Nashville Country Revival visit

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Darrell Freeman To Host Future Episodes of Nashville Country Revival

Written by Staff on September 19, 2014 – 10:28 am -

NCR Host Publicity PhotoFranklin, TN (Mansion Entertainment) September 19th, 2014 – Due to the popularity of the TV show Nashville Country Revival, Mansion Entertainment has announced plans for a third year of production of the show and will add Gospel Music personality and performer, Darrell Freeman, as the host. Freeman got his start at the young age of 13 in his family band and has since garnered much success and popularity with his own family group, The Freemans. Over the years The Freemans have scored multiple chart topping songs and garnered industry nominations and awards. In addition to naming Freeman as the new face of NCR, Mansion has partnered with Big Merlin Productions to produce the future episodes.

Nashville Country Revival was initially launched on The Nashville Network (now Heartland TV) two years ago and since that time has gained popularity and a strong following with its appearances on major networks such as Daystar TV, TCT and other national platforms. The show found a niche with viewers by offering inspiring music with a Country and Bluegrass flavor from popular artists such as Danielle Peck, Brand & Dean, Marty Raybon, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Red Roots, Brad Davis, Jason Crabb while introducing a host of new talent to its viewers as well.
NCR recently entered new territory with nine episodes of NCR being launched on Hulu. Amazon Prime will come on board in the near future offering Nashville Country Revival episodes to its subscriber base as well. Future episodes with host Darrel Freeman will be launched by the end of 2014 on both Hulu and Amazon Prime.
For more information on Nashville Country Revival visit


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Chris and Darrell Freeman: Making Love Last

Written by Staff on June 17, 2014 – 12:37 pm -

Darrell and Chris Freeman

Darrell and Chris Freeman

By Lorraine Walker  Once upon a time there were two family Gospel singing groups. A single man from one family caught a glimpse of the single lady from the other and… Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. In the late ‘70’s, The Hinsons were one of the most sought-after artists in Southern Gospel. As co-hosts of The Gospel Singing Jubilee, the line-up of Kenny, Ronny and Larry Hinson with Chris Hawkins had a popular sound that generated many fans across the country. At the same time, The Pathways were traveling the roads, singing Country Gospel and comprised of both Darrell and brother Eddie Freeman with their family. However, real love isn’t like the fairy-tales and the courtship of Chris and Darrell took more than just a glimpse. But only a little more! Darrell Freeman had driven to Tampa Bay for a Foosball Tournament, a popular activity at the time. He heard the sound of a gospel group and went across the building to hear The Hinsons. He saw Chris Hawkins for the first time, but they didn’t meet. “The first time we actually spoke was at the Union Hall in Lorain, Ohio,” says Darrell. “The Hinsons performed that night and I drove to be there and truly met her finally. Sparks flew right away as I was attracted to her personality, what she looked like, her voice and just how wonderful she was and still is.”

Wedding Photo.DarrellandChrisFreemanright“The first time I remember meeting Darrell was at a concert when I was with The Hinsons,” says Chris. “I really loved his smile and thought to myself, ‘I’d really like to kiss him.’ We actually met a couple more times before we officially started dating.” Chris lived in Hendersonville, Tennessee and Darrell lived in Sandusky, Ohio, so ‘dating’ meant a long-distance relationship of three years before they were married on August 2, 1980 in Hendersonville. Chris remembers that the Hinsons were all present at the wedding. “Ronnie Hinson’s daughter Kim was my flower girl and his son Bo was an usher and candle lighter.” 

Chris joined the Pathways and soon she and Darrell were on their way to Nashville to begin The Freemans with Darrell’s cousin Joe. The Freemans family expanded, and as their children Misty and Caylon grew older and began to flex their musical wings, Misty joined the group on vocals and acoustic guitar. Caylon joined as the drummer and also added vocals for The Freemans. Together they have continued their Country-Southern-Progressive sound that has made the group unique. Chris had won “Queen Of Gospel Music” while still in her teens with The Hinsons, and her distinctive vocals have brought The Freemans much success with singles such as, “Going Back” and “Hello In Heaven.” Other top hits have included “He Chose Me” and “Three Rugged Crosses,” along with Misty’s debut tune, “What Judas Didn’t Know.” Many top songs and honors from SGM Fan Fair, Absolutely Gospel and the Diamond Awards have followed.

The Freemans

The Freemans

The Freemans have the right combination of vocal and instrumental talent to keep them at the top of their peer group for many years to come. The relationship between Chris and Darrell still seems to be the glue that holds this wonderful family group together. As they hit the road every week to minister to hundreds and thousands of people, this couple seem to radiate a strong love and respect for each other, even after 30-plus years of marriage and singing.

“Traveling together is a marriage in itself,” says Darrell. “Traveling hasn’t really affected our marriage because we are together most of the time anyway. I believe our marriage is as strong as it’s ever been. I think we’ve raised two great kids and for them to be traveling all their lives, they’ve done well.” 

“Traveling and working together does have its advantages and disadvantages,” Chris adds. “I can honestly say that Darrell is not only my husband and business partner but also he is my best friend and so through the many years of working together we have grown stronger in our marriage. Darrell is the leader of this ministry and head of the household but we always make business and personal decisions together.” Read more »

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The Freemans Provide Evidence of God’s Faithfulness in Their Own Lives On Highly Anticipated New Recording

Written by Rhonda on October 20, 2010 – 9:12 am -

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (October 19, 2010) – Southern Gospel favorites The Freemans are excited to announce the release of their highly-anticipated new recording – Evidence. Four years in the making, Evidence is truly The Freemans most transparent and emotional release to date from the group.

Evidence features songs that were chosen in response to four pivotal years for the group, which were mired with multiple family deaths and extremely personal losses for individual group members. Those events took the group on an emotional journey that resonates throughout the new recording.

“Every time we would go into the studio to start to record, something else would happen and we would have another very hard thing to go through,” mentioned Darrell Freeman, founding member and producer of Evidence. “Those times weren’t the right times to record. We just had to wait on God’s timing, and we are very thankful for that.”

Chris Freeman agreed, “Some of these songs probably wouldn’t have been cut if we hadn’t had to walk through the valleys that we did walk through. Darrell’s performance of ‘I Can’t Even Walk’ is so amazing, and it’s because of the losses in our family that he’s able to sing it so effectively!”

The pivotal song and first single “The Father and the Son” is a Dianne Wilkinson original that captures the essence of the recording better than any song. Additional songs that already have people talking are the aforementioned “I Can’t Even Walk,” Caylon Freeman’s vocal debut “Sending Me Angels,” and emotional home-going celebration of “Is Not This the Land of Beulah,” which many are calling Chris Freeman’s finest vocal to date.

Evidence is now available at concert events and on The Freemans’ website. The first single, “The Father & The Son” is already making an impact at Southern Gospel radio – currently charting in the Singing News Top 40 and Top 5 of the (formerly Top 40 Weekly Chart.

For more information on the new recording, visit .

The Freemans have had a strong start to 2010 – including two wins SGM FanFair Awards this past May.  The popular family group was awarded Favorite Song for their smash-hit single “Three Rugged Crosses” (written by Marty Funderburk and Ricky Funderburk). In addition, beloved vocalist and Southern Gospel mainstay Chris Freeman was awarded Favorite Alto at the fan-based awards show.

To visit the newly designed website of The Freemans, visit  You can also visit the group’s MySpace at The group’s Fan Facebook is located at .

About The Freemans
The Freemans are one of Southern Gospel’s most celebrated and critically acclaimed groups.  History, experience and spiritual wisdom are three attributes that can be used to describe the foundation of the Freeman ministry.  Deeply rooted with family, the Freemans’ experience spans 30+ years. Now in their 20th year of ministry, the Freemans still perform at approximately 250 dates a year, and continue to experience tremendous success.

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