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Jason Crabb and Rascal Flatts Unite to Bring Epic Performance to GMA Dove Awards

Written by Staff on October 22, 2018 – 7:30 am -

Jason Crabb and Rascal Flatts Unite to Bring Epic Performance to GMA Dove Awards

Jason Crabb. Photo by Craig Harris

Crabb Garners 22nd GMA Dove Award

Jason Crabb & Rascal Flatts on the GMA Dove Awards Red Carpet, Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Photo: Jamie Gillam / GMA Dove Awards
GRAMMY® award winner JASON CRABB was joined by some very special guests during his performance at the 49th Annual GMA Dove Awards this past Tuesday, October 16, 2018 – multi-award winning superstar vocal group, RASCAL FLATTS.
Flatts’ member JAY DEMARCUS produced Crabb’s latest release, Unexpected, and the group joined Crabb to perform “You Chose To Be My Friend” featuring a duet with Flatts’ member, Gary LeVox.
Earlier in the evening, Crabb garnered his 22nd GMA Dove award for the song, “Washed By The Water,” from his latest release,Unexpected.

L-R: Joe Don Rooney, Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus, Jason Crabb, and Ashleigh Taylor (daughter of Jason Crabb)
Photo by Rick Diamond
Other performers for the evening include Tori Kelly, Kirk Franklin, Jekalyn, Carr, Lauren Daigle, Natalie Grant, Newsboys, Big Daddy Weave, Cory Asbury, Tauren Wells and Koryn Hawthorne 
The 49th Annual GMA Dove Awards will be broadcast on TBN on Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 9 PM ET / 8 PM CT.
For more information on the GMA Dove Awards, visit
For more information on Jason Crabb, visit

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The Jordan Family Band: Skyrockets in Southern Gospel

Written by Staff on February 13, 2018 – 1:55 pm -

Jordan Family Band

Jordan Family Band

In today’s society, social media can be used in a variety of ways. However, in the state of Georgia, you will find a humble and bold family who are using it to encourage, uplift, praise, and ultimately to see souls saved.

The Jordan Family Band is a family group with a country gospel feel. The group consists of Josh and Randa Jordan and their sons Hutch (17), Alex (12), Grant (10), and a friend of the family who is like an adopted son to them, Keenan Atkinson (20).

The family got a unique start in 2009. Randa says that they aren’t a family group who raised their family to sing and travel, but for them it just happened.

“It just wasn’t something I saw for my family,” Randa confesses. “Josh and I grew up singing in church and even started a small group with my brother. We had dreams to build the group and go full time, but we ended up building families.”

January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Jordan Family Band on the cover of January 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

However, we all know that what’s in God’s plan, will always find a way. Randa recalls a time where her oldest son Hutch just picked up the guitar and began to play. He had never a lesson, he just played.

One of the main inspirations for the Jordan Family Band was Josh Jordan’s dad, Dr. Fain Jordan. He was a patriarch in their community and a true man of faith. He tragically passed away at the age of 64.

“It was so sudden for us, and for everyone. We had never dealt with such a sudden loss and it was such a rare feeling for our family,” Randa states.

After the death of Josh’s father, the family found themselves coping through music, together, around the piano. “Josh and I never pounded this into the kids, but we watched them be inspired by music,” exclaimes Randa.

Their middle son, Alex, began singing the song, “Dealing with Gold,” and both Josh and Randa were amazed to hear what a voice their son had. They quickly realized as their sons sang what harmony they had together and knew they truly had a gift of song.

Jordan Family BandPeople quickly started asking them to sing at church and their music journey had begun. God had truly intervened through a family heartbreak. At this time someone gifted the family a conversion van and wherever God sent them, they went. Singing just became something the family loved and they began doing what called what using them to do to bring him glory.

Randa recalls using a social media forum called “social-cam” which was similar to Facebook at that time. She recorded herself singing a song for sheer fun and posted it. A few likes from viewers turned into a viral video.

At this time Randa was truly going through some dark times, however, she just kept singing and posting her videos. Her videos gradually went to around 100,000 views. It was at this time that Randa realized she had a ton of viewers listening to her sing, but while her voice was resounding through a social media connection, her heart just wasn’t where it needed to be. In her alone time with God, Randa let God speak to her and shake her. With the help of her Savior, Randa got her heart where it needed to be.

In October 2016, the Jordan Family was gearing up to go to a football game when the opportunity arose to go live on Facebook. They sang the song made famous by Karen Peck and New River, “Everybody’s Going Through Something.” The video reached 3 million views in just a couple of days.

Jordan Family BandBut aside from the views, aside from who the viewers were, this moment was where Randa realized how God could use her family through a tool like social media. As tears were streaming down her face, she began to pray that God would use this as a ministry and that God would send them people to minister to. God began answering their prayer through that one song. It began what would be known as their Wednesday night ritual of going live on Facebook to sing and minister.

You can now find the Jordan Family Band almost every Wednesday night on their group page. Its strictly organic, not rehearsed, and 100% real each time.

One amazing thing about this family is their authenticity. They are truly as real as they come. Just like any family, they face trials, hardships, arguments, and basic hiccups in life. Before every live feed they made an agreement to leave whatever happened in their day behind them and pray together, all before hitting the “Go Live” button on Facebook.

The Jordan family is an ultimate example of using social media to change the world for the cause of Christ, one live feed at a time. Randa Jordan alone has achieved 60,000 followers on her own personal page. Anyone can be a Christian, but it takes boldness and being real to show the world your heart and be the example God calls us to be.

“I realized that with so many people following me, I had to refrain from being negative, because of who I could effect,” says Randa. “I just can’t afford to lose the lost or hurting people.”

Jordan Family BandThe Jordan Family Band have a main goal of just wanting to help people. Of course they want the convenience of a bus, easier travel, and better accomodations for their ministry, but Randa has a different perspective.

“We would rather travel and sleep in a pickup truck to and from our scheduled singings, than to put our efforts into just having a bus to travel in. Our job is to sing and that’s what we are going to do.”

The Jordan Family Band has received many accolades such as charting in the Top 30 in the SGNScoops charts. They have most recently received a nomination for a Dove Award for “New Artist of the Year,” and have recently signed with Crossroads. The family’s song “My God is Faithful,” resounds in their ministry as it serves as their ministry motto.

The hearts of the Jordan family are wide open and by watching their newsfeed, you can hear their hearts and join their worship for the one true King. One of the most rewarding facts about their unique ministry is the people they have reached and the response from their audience.

Many times the messages they have received have said, “I was going to commit suicide tonight, but I saw your live video on my newsfeed and listened and decided not to,” or “I was about to abort my unborn child and heard you singing on Facebook and decided to stop what I was doing.”

Jordan Family BandThese are real people. Real issues. Real messages. This is a real ministry that has accepted the call to serve God’s people, and its working.

“People are finding hope in our live feeds. I even received a message one night that said, “I didn’t shoot myself like I had planned tonight because I heard your live feed.’ God is answering our prayer by sending the people we asked him to send.”

If you watch the live feed for even 60 seconds, you will see a multitude of prayer requests flood the comments section, including people who believe they can call out to a family who will help pray for them.

“God has lead us down this road and we don’t even know where we are going, we are just on the road for the ride. God is getting 100% of the glory of what we are doing. Our hearts are set on what God wants, and that’s it.”

The Jordan Family Band just wants to further the kingdom of Christ, and they want the world to know that “God is faithful through everything. It’s all about him. He answers prayer and he’s the end all, cure all.”


Jordan Family BandWhat are others saying about the Jordan Family Band?

Darren Lore of The Lore Family: “Having a family ministry is filled with blessings and challenges. The family is together all the time. Yet, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get everyone together to practice and hone their musical skills. But the JFB is growing as a Christian family ministry. And they are skyrocketing in Southern/Country gospel. Their family harmonies, songwriting and music abilities continue to show professional growth. And they have become fan favorites on social media. The JFB has wisely used social media to introduce their down-to-earth family. JFB is a mixed family group that is filled with potential. It is exciting to see Josh and Randa minister alongside Hutch, Alex and Grant. It’s inspirational to others to see families serving God together. The JFB is an artist to watch closely. Truly, God is showering this anointed family with favor. And I believe that He will continue to elevate them, nationally.”

Mickey Bell, Radio Show Host: “The songwriting of Josh Jordan is going to change this industry, as he will soon become one of the most recognized and most rewarded. His lyrics are pure and pertain to everyday life.”

Matthew Browder of the Browders: “The Jordan Family has what it takes. They have the heart for God and people. They have the anointing to accomplish the calling on their life. They have the talent. They have a signature sound. When you hear them they are unmistakably the Jordan Family Band.”

David Kiser of Heart 2 Heart: “The Jordan Family Band has quickly come on the scene as a fan favorite. They carry great talent as vocalist and musicians. They have the heart and vision to do great things for God.”

Rob Patz of SGNScoops: “I love the energy and joy that the Jordan Family Band brings to the stage, but the best part is, I know the family lives what they sing, and use everything in their power to bring the gospel to a lost world.”


By Sarah Murray

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in January 2018.

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Find out more about the Jordan Family Band HERE

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Karen Peck and New River Honored With 2015 GMA Dove Award

Written by Staff on October 16, 2015 – 10:05 am -

karenpeckdoves20155Dahlonega, Georgia (October 16, 2015) Daywind Recording artist Karen Peck and New River won the Southern Gospel Album of the Year for their newest CD titled Pray Now. The Award was presented at the 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards Ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee on October 13th. The project was produced by Wayne Haun.

Karen stated, “We are deeply honored and thankful. Pray Now is a very special album that resonates where we have been spiritually this year. Each song is a statement of faith and encouragement. The Lord sent these songs at the right time in our ministry and we are grateful that they are drawing people to Him. We are blessed beyond measure.”

In the post award press conference Karen said, “We know what we do is a calling and it’s about seeing people saved and hearts touched and turned toward the Lord. That’s the number one goal, but nights like tonight was the Lord encouraging us. Next year will mark the 25th anniversary that Susan and I started this group and we’re so thankful we’re still out here after all these years.”

October 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

October 2015 SGNScoops Magazine

The title cut of the album “Pray Now” hit the number one spot on numerous charts and echoes the feelings of so many people dealing with life’s struggles. This is the fourth Dove Award win for the group.

Please help Karen, Susan and Ricky spread the word by using this suggested hashtag for social media: #PrayNow .

If you would like to interview Karen Peck and New River contact AG Publicity at .

To learn more about Karen Peck and New River go to or .

You can Twitter the group at .

Karen Peck and New River is booked by The Harper Agency. Contact them at by E-mail at .

Official image by John Shearer & Terry Wyatt of Getty Images – 46th Annual GMA Dove Awards


About Karen Peck and New River

No doubt the most popular mixed trio in Gospel Music, Karen Peck and New River is a powerhouse in the music industry. With hit after hit and multiple number one songs, they are one of the most sought after groups today. Karen is known for her country flair as well as having one of the finest soprano voices in any genre of music. Karen was also recipient of the Susan Unthank Memorial Award, an award given by Absolutely Gospel Music only to women who have excelled in their work in a man’s world. Karen had a feature role in the hit movie Joyful Noise, starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. New River’s hit song “Four Days Late” has become a classic in Gospel music.

Be sure to read the October 2015 SGN Scoops digital magazine for a cover story on Karen Peck and New River!

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Gordon Mote Nominated for 2015 GMA Dove Award

Written by Staff on August 28, 2015 – 8:56 am -





As Three New Videos from Celebrated CD Hit “YouTube”

Franklin, TN (August 26, 2015) The impact of Gordon Mote’s most recent New Haven Records CD, All Things New, recently increased as a hit single from the album received a Dove Award nomination for “Country Song of the Year” and as three more videos from the project were released to YouTube.

On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, the Gospel Music Association included Mote’s song, “Ain’t It Just Like the Lord,” among the finalists for the 46th Annual Dove Awards. The industry’s flagship award show will take place at Allen Arena in Nashville on October 13 and will be broadcast nationally via the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) on Sunday, October 18.

New Haven Records also announced the release of three new video clips from the multiple Academy of Country Music award-winner: “Meanwhile Back at the Cross,” “The Sound A Dream Makes,” and “Down By the River,” Mote’s current radio single. These clips join more than 200 other performances that have been viewed more than 3.3 million times on YouTube, the world’s largest music and video platform with over one billion registered users.

Ken Harding, president of New Haven Records comments, “There are probably no more loyal music fans in the world than those in Southern Gospel and Country—and probably no more loyal Southern and Country fans than those who love Gordon Mote. We are honored to give them some new videos from this great project while Gordon is finishing up his next one.”

Co-produced by Mote, legendary Country producer Frank Rogers and 8-time Dove-Award winner Wayne Haun, All Things New features a Who’s Who of Gospel and mainstream artists (Trace Adkins, Sheryl Crow, The Gaither Vocal Band, Scotty McCreery, Darius Rucker, Josh Turner, and Matthew West). The CD garnered a Dove Ward nomination for Best Country Gospel Album and produced the popular singles, “Faith Like That,” “Meanwhile Back at the Cross,” “Ain’t It Just Like the Lord,” and “The Other Side.”


Pictured L to R: Ken Harding, president, New Haven Records; Bob Rodgers, president RSI/Mote management; Gordon Mote; Dan Hayes, executive director, Franklin Theatre.
Mote is currently putting the finishing touches on a new studio project entitled, Hymns and Songs of Inspiration, scheduled for release later in 2015.

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Written by Staff on March 5, 2015 – 4:08 pm -

unnamed (1)(Nashville, TN) February 24, 2015 – Rachel West Kramer, known for her exceptional vocal expertise, has teamed up with GRAMMY® and Dove award winner, David T. Clydesdale to record her new project, Majestic Glory, available now.
The release has already caught the attention of listeners and reviewers alike. Timothy Yap – – comments: “Rachel West Kramer has a penetrating soprano that has the ability to soar to the heights of Mt. Everest and camp there for an extended stay. But it’s not just about vocal volume and heights. Even in her softer cadences, she has the ability to get beneath the skin of her notes and bring out raw emotions that we never thought existed. In short, Kramer is the singer’s singer. If you are into vocalists who can sing (ala Celine Dion or Whitney Houston) and who are not afraid to shatter some glasses along the way, Kramer is simply sublime.”
The ten-song release features beloved compositions of the Christian faith “Christ Arose The Victor,” “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked,” “The Holy City,” along with classic hymns “It Is Well With My Soul,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” among others including an extremely stirring version of “How Great Thou Art.”
“Rachel was such a joy to work with – maybe work isn’t the right word,” David Clydesdale commented. “Rachel is an inspiration and spiritually concerned to communicate with her listeners God’s truths. I don’t remember working with an artist before who cried during the recording of the orchestra. This was her dream, and it was happening and she was so gracious and thankful God had given her this moment. I KNOW you will be blessed, as I was!”
Rachel shares, “The idea for this album came while touring the Holy Land. It was my third tour there, but the first tour for most everyone else in our group. While making our way up to Jerusalem, as is tradition, everyone began singing the song, ‘The Holy City.’ There is rarely a dry eye when you experience this. I felt as if God said specifically to me, ‘I want you to make music which tells My story and shows people the way to The Holy City (Heaven). The joys have been innumerable as we worked on this album. Working with David Clydesdale and his magnificent arrangements was a tremendous privilege. We have prayed our LORD will bless many lives through this powerful collection of songs.”
Majestic Glory, produced by D. Scott Kramer for Electric Station Records, is available worldwide on iTunes, in select Christian retail stores and online
Rachel West Kramer is a Christian Vocal Artist and Speaker. Rachel sings and speaks throughout the United States for various concerts, conferences, prayer breakfasts and women’s events. She has recorded five full-length projects. Together with her husband, Scott and daughter Maria, they travel and share God’s love and salvation through their family’s music group, The Kramers.  Additionally for 20 years now, they host the popular RiverLife Gospel Music Cruises aboard the Spirit of Peoria Riverboat along Peoria’s beautiful riverfront.  Each year, they host the Real Life: Real Joy Women’s Day of Renewal, the Good News Music Radio Program & Concert Series as well as the annual Christmas Celebration Concert Series. Closest to their hearts are their two children, Maria (18) and Weston (16). Scott & Rachel are thankful for the gift of their son, Weston, who was diagnosed as having autism when he was two years old. The LORD has continued to bring much healing and progress in Weston’s special life. As a wife, mother, friend and Christian artist, Rachel possesses a genuine love and compassion for others as she communicates so powerfully through song and spoken words. Her heart for the LORD and her steadfast walk with Him is evident as she proclaims His love and truth not only in her music but also in her everyday life.
Majestic Glory Track Listing:
  1. Christ Arose The Victor
  2. Morning Star
  3. The Holy City
  4. I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
  5. It Is Well With My Soul with Be Still, My Soul
  6. New Jerusalem
  7. How Great Thou Art
  8. To The Cross
  9. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  10. The Lord’s Prayer

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Karen Peck And New River Releasing New Single To Radio

Written by Staff on February 23, 2015 – 11:36 am -

Karen Peck and New River 2015-5Dahlonega, GA (February 23, 2015) Dove Award winning Gospel Trio, Karen Peck and New River is ready to release the first single from their new project Pray Now. The single is the title cut of the album and encourages all of us in times of trouble to Pray Now. The single is set to be released this week by Daywind Radio.

“Pray Now” was written by Karen Peck Gooch, Michael Farren and Dave Clark. It was inspired by Karen feeling a strong urgency to pray the Lord’s Prayer and hoping to inspire others to pray in their times of struggle when they are facing life’s biggest storms.

Karen Peck stated, “Over the past year we have said the Lord’s Prayer every day. Sometimes several times a day. We can honestly say that it has strengthened our prayer lives immensely. When we recorded “Pray Now” we had no idea what we would be facing now. The song is very timely. We pray that it will encourage people to keep praying and believing the Lord for great things ahead.”
Please help Karen, Susan and Jeff spread the word by using this suggested Hashtag for social media: #PrayNowLordsPrayer .

If you would like to interview Karen Peck and New River contact AG Publicity.

To learn more about Karen Peck and New River go to or . You can Twitter her at .

Karen Peck and New River is booked by The Harper Agency. Contact them at or by E-mail at .


About Karen Peck and New River
No doubt the most popular mixed trio in Gospel Music, Karen Peck and New River are a music powerhouse in the music industry. With hit after hit and multiple number one songs, they are one of the most sought after groups today. Karen is known country flair and for having possibly the finest and highest soprano voice in any genre of music. Karen was also recipient of the Susan Unthank Memorial Award, an award given by Absolutely Gospel Music only to women who have excelled in their work in a man’s world. Karen had a feature role in the hit movie “Joyful Noise”, starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. New River’s hit song “Four Days Late” has become a classic in Gospel music.

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Friends Remember Lari Goss

Written by Staff on January 15, 2015 – 11:43 am -

Lari Goss, Gerald Wolfe

Lari Goss, Gerald Wolfe

Lari Goss, native of Cartersville, Georgia, passed away on January 10, 2015 at the age of 69. Most recently residing in Brentwood, Tennessee, Goss is survived by his wife Carolyn, sons Benjamin (B.J.) (Julie) Goss, Nicholas (RaeAnna) Goss, Jonathan Goss and Cameron Goss; brother, Roni (Linda) Goss; grandchildren, Samantha, Joseph, Alexandria, Christian and Eva Mae Goss.

Funeral services for Goss were held on Thursday, January 15 at Brentwood Baptist Church. Many of his friends from the music industry and across the country were there to give tribute, along with officiating Pastors Jim Cymbala and Stan Mitchell.

Goss was well known as arranger, producer, writer, orchestrator, keyboardist and musical genius in all areas of the Christian and secular music world. He began his career in the Goss Brothers and continued in music for over 60 years. Multi-award winner, including  a Grammy award, several Doves and an induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, this gentleman’s resume includes the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Christ Church Choir, many symphonies, orchestras, and artists world-wide. Goss was also an ordained minister.

Lari Goss will be mourned by many throughout the music industry and by all whose lives have been touched by the music that Lari Goss molded into artistry. Many of Lari’s friends have already expressed their condolences and memories on social media, but some have shared them with SGN Scoops:

Rodney Griffin and Lari Goss

Rodney Griffin and Lari Goss

Rodney Griffin: 

How do I sum up in one paragraph the influence Lari had on our music?  It’s impossible.  Looking back at all the “hits” he arranged over the years..70’s, 80’s, 90’s ’til today, it’s hard to see where his influence starts…and ends.  I look at it this way…if you remember a song that you fell in love with, he probably produced it.  Way beyond his years, even as a young teenager, he was writing orchestrations.  He was not just filling in the parts, but mapping out those lush chords of transition that revealed the “heart” of the song.  If you met him, you’d understand.  His soft spoken demeanor, and friendliness to all reflected his heart.  My greatest memory will be watching him create a “mood” with one of my songs on the piano…knowing he was hearing the full orchestration in his mind.  His eyes would leak as he’d say, “I think this is going to be good.”  What an understatement!  We’re blessed every night as we sing along with tracks he created.  Genius.  Just enough power in the track, and just enough melodic calmness…kinda like God…always including His power, yet always reminding us of His quiet assurance.  Lari listened to God…obviously.  Let’s pray for the Lord to fill the huge void left with Lari’s home going with another creator who will closely listen to God every time he sits down at the piano…and live for Him every time he stands up.

Kelly Nelon Clark:

Judy Nelon, Ed O'Neal, Lari Goss, Norman Holland, Kelly Nelon Clark

Judy Nelon, Ed O’Neal, Lari Goss, Norman Holland, Kelly Nelon Clark

Words can’t express the hurt and sadness over the loss of our friend Lari Goss. I have spent a lifetime with him, from The LeFevres till now and love him like family. The very first time I went into the studio at LeFevre Sound I was terrified but Lari and the Goss brothers made me feel so at home. It was always my dream to have him work with us so Amber could work with him and be a part of that genius mind of his. He did that on The A Capella Sessions. He is irreplaceable! I always said if you can’t sing with Lari you can’t sing! Heaven is singing loudly now!



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Red Roots Honored with Dove Nomination

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 28, 2014 – 1:04 pm -

Red Roots

Red Roots

Triplicity included in GMA’s Country Album of the Year Dove Award Nominations

(Hendersonville, TN) – Red Hen Records is pleased to announce that Triplicity, the latest recording by Red Roots, had received a nomination for Country Album of the Year in the 45th Annual  GMA Dove Awards.

Produced by father/son production team Rick and Micah Schweinsberg, the album’s first single reached the top 10 on the Singing News radio chart, and the second single continues to climb.  Triplicity was featured as a New and Noteworthy release on the iTunes’ Country page during release week and Red Roots has since appeared on several television networks and CCM festivals in promotion of the album.

At work on the production of their new video for the single “Great Big Yes,” Red Roots commented, “we are excited and still getting over the shock of being nominated for a Dove Award.  Thanks to everyone who voted!”

The Dove Awards will be held on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at Allen Arena on the campus of David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.  The show will air across the world on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Red Roots features identical red-headed triplets, Nika, Nicole, and Natalie Taylor.   With a stage persona as fiery as their blazing red locks, it’s no surprise Red Roots is enjoying tremendous success.  Six radio singles off their first two albums have charted in the top 40 of the Singing News Magazine, with the first single “Seven Days” off Triplicity being their highest radio debut to date.  Red Roots was named Favorite New Trio at the 2013 Singing News Fan Awards and was a featured contestant on the American Bible Challenge.

Red Hen Records is the country division of Daywind Music Group and home to great artists such as Michael Lee and Zach & Rodney.  Red Hen is distributed to retail and all major digital outlets through New Day Christian Distributors.

For more information regarding Red Roots, please visit,, or contact Amanda Martin at
If you are interested in booking Red Roots, please contact Red Roots Booking at: (228) 623-6752,, or

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Browders Earn First Dove Award Nomination

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 21, 2014 – 11:30 pm -




Nashville, TN (August 18, 2014) Excited probably doesn’t say it best, but that’s the word to use for how the Browders reacted to the news of gaining their first Dove Award nomination at the GMA Press Conference in Nashville at Lipscomb University on August 13th.

Their hit song, “Lift Up His Name” penned by Matthew Browder received a nomination for Inspirational Song of the Year.

Matthew Browder stated “In our journey of making music, I find The Lord periodically places signs in our path to remind us that our labor is not in vain and that He sees us. It often comes from a person who shares that they have been encouraged or introduced to Christ through our music and ministry. Today it comes through our first Dove Award nomination. We are thankful beyond words for this great honor and praise God for His goodness to us.”

The Browders have attained number one status on most of the Southern Gospel charts with two songs from their most current CD ‘Time Machine’ and they achieved five number one songs on their previous project ‘The Message.’

Daywind President Ed Leonard commented “The nominated song ‘Lift Up His Name’ is an amazing song that sounds different from anything else. I am so glad the Browders received recognition for this groundbreaking song.”

The Browders sing a wonderful mixture of styles and songs, many of them written themselves. This first Dove Award nomination puts them another rung higher on the ladder they are climbing to reach their ultimate goal of reaching more people with the Good News of the Gospel of Christ.

You can find out more about the Browders by going to ., or by E-mailing .

To find out more about the Absolutely Gospel Awards you can go to .

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Homecoming Sweetheart Lillie Knauls

Written by Staff on May 29, 2014 – 9:27 am -

Miss Lillie Knauls

Miss Lillie Knauls

I am asking God to use me this year, any way He wants to use me. I am a yielded vessel and am listening to His voice to give me new songs, new sermons and new places to minister.  I am excited and looking for great things in 2014.” (1)


Lillie Knauls twoIn our ongoing effort to pay tribute to long time Gospel singers, allow me to introduce Ms. Lillie Knauls. This beautiful, never married, woman of God has been singing and preaching Jesus for over 35 years.  Miss Lillie (as she likes to be addressed) is a regular on the Gaither videos. If you are a viewer of the Gaither videos, Ms. Lillie is not hard to spot.  Her beautiful smile seems to illuminate those around her.  Ms. Lillie is also known for the many hats she wears. She is respectfully known as the hat lady.  The reason for these hats is not just for style as Ms. Lillie explains, I grew up in the church and as a little girl I played the piano and tambourine and sang in the choir. The first Sunday of the month was Communion Day. All the women wore hats to the services.”


Being respectfully recognized as the hat lady has opened many doors for Ms. Lillie.  She has had countless opportunities to speak and sing at ladies breakfast and luncheon meetings. There is much more to Ms. Lillie Knauls than her hat ministry, which can be traced back to the ‘60’s, where she was a soloist for her home church in San Jose, California.


In 1969, she became part of the Edwin Hawkins Singers and traveled the world. The Edwin Hawkins Singers are perhaps best known for their arrangement of “Oh Happy Day.” “That was a great time in my life, being able to sing with that fabulous choir.  It opened so many doors for me, but since I had a full time job working at a telephone company, I did not have the time to work all the bookings that came my way, so in August of 1978, I resigned and a whole new world opened up to me!”


One of the first assignments from God to Ms. Lillie was to travel to Hawaii to work with a beach ministry that conducted a Sunday church service for the tourists.  Ms. Lillie says, “We ministered at the most beautiful church in the world!”  Hawaii has become Ms. Lillie’s most favorite place.


I had the good fortune to speak with Ms. Lillie on the phone, from her California home. During our conversation, I learned that Ms. Lillie has been a part of the Gaither videos for over 20 years! I asked her if she had any favorite moments from the videos and she replied, “Quite honestly, every moment I’m there is a favorite moment.  Just being with all those legends and singing the songs I grew up with that still move me.  I am so grateful for Bill and Gloria Gaither for blessing the world, with these videos.” Read more »

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