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Hey Ya’ll Media and Morris Music Group says Congratulations are in order

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 10, 2015 – 11:59 am -

Hey Ya'll Media

Hey Ya’ll Media

“Top Ten Finalists in the Christian Voice Magazine Gospel Music Awards “

Heflin, Alabama: March 10th: Vonda Easley, Hey Ya’ll Media, and Morris Music Group would like to congratulate all of the top ten finalists for the Christian Voice Magazine Gospel Music Awards.

Among these finalists are Morris Music Group Artist, Jeff R. Steele and Hey Ya’ll Media Artists, Josh and Ashley Franks.

Regarding the finalists, Vonda states,” I am very happy that Josh and Ashley are once again up for duet and it thrills me that my baby girl is up for Female horizon award”. ” I am excited to see what God has in store for them”, she adds.
Jeff Steele is up for Favorite Songwriter.
You may cast your ballot at:

Winners will be announced on May 24, during the 11th annual Gospel Music FanFair at the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY.

Find Hey Ya’ll Media On Facebook Here

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Creekside Gospel Music Convention Day Three – Nov 5/14

Written by Staff on November 6, 2014 – 2:52 pm -

The Drummond Family performs at Creekside Gospel Music Convention

The Drummond Family performs at Creekside Gospel Music Convention

Creekside Gospel Music Convention continues in Pigeon Forge Tennessee at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center.  Day three began with the Morris Music Group Showcase, continued with the Red Back Hymn Book Choir and the evening concert and ended with the Midnight Prayer session.

The Morris Music Group showcased some of their best talent and friends. Appearing were Hope’s Journey, The Stephens, Higher Hope, Clearvision Quartet, Angela Marie, Exodus, The Drummond Family, Linda Foster, Billy Hodges, Tina Wakefield and Faith’s Journey.

Hopes Journey

Hopes Journey









The Stephens 2 edit

The Stephens










Following this showcase, the Red Back Hymn Book Choir full of artists took to the stage. They were met with much enthusiasm from the audience!

rb choir 3









rb choir 7











The evening concert continued with terrific performances by The Griffins, The Stephens, John Lanier, The Steeles, and many more. The Kramers appeared with Willie Wynn and Woodie Wright to celebrate the release of their latest CD.

For more pictures, log onto

Thanks to Vonda Easley, Michelle Drummond and Robert York for the wonderful pictures!

More information on Creekside can be found at

Creekside continues today with the last evening concert beginning tonight at 5:30pm.

The Griffins

The Griffins

John Lanier

John Lanier




The Kramers

The Kramers

Willie Wynn, Woody Wright, The Kramers and friends

Willie Wynn, Woody Wright, The Kramers and friends

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New Video From Jay Parrack and Vocal Event

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 31, 2014 – 11:54 am -

Jay Parrack and Vocal Event

Jay Parrack and Vocal Event

With a soothing blend of old southern gospel, to an upbeat, contemporary harmonic mix, Vocal Event is a group that brings versatility and southern roots to their audience.

This Gadsden, Alabama based trio brings to the southern gospel scene, Darren Morton

– Baritone, Anthony “Bubba” Hallman – lead, and former Gold City Tenor Jay Parrack.

Jay Parrack, sang with Gold City for over ten years and remains one of the leading tenors in gospel music. He brings with him, a heritage of gospel roots and embeds them within the harmony of this group.

Audiences have proven to instantly fall in love with the smooth contemporary sounds  of Vocal Event as well as to their unique arrangements of old gospel hymns.

This group is grounded to their southern roots and is committed to delivering a trio sound that appeals to the very soul of true gospel music. With Jay Parrack’s unique tenor sound and the blend of Darren and ‘Bubba’, they prove to provide not only entertainment but a time of true worship straight from the words of scripture as well as from new words of worship and praise.

Darren Morton and “Bubba” Hallman blend perfectly with Jay Parrack with a ‘smooth as silk’ sound that eases the senses. This trio has hit the field strong and are sure to become a leading group as they embark on their 2nd project, soon to be released. This project is a mix of old hymn arrangements, accapella tunes, and new releases that will prove to be instant favorites.

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Omega Quartet Achieves First TOP 80!

Written by Staff on May 21, 2014 – 11:41 am -


Omega Quartet

Omega Quartet

“Love Worth Dying For,” written by John Lemonis, reaches straight to the heart of every listener. It’s a confirmation that Jesus loved us so much that it was worth the pain of the cross. I guess you could say it’s a new way to look at John 15:13, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends.”

People all over the country are falling in love with this song. Many people tell us that their “broken roads and shattered dreams” are being restored because of the love Jesus had for them, and this songs helps them to realize just how much He cares!

It’s really not a surprise to Omega Quartet. “When we heard the song, we knew it was going to change lives,” states Kevin Harry of Omega. “We are honored that God allowed us to be the ones to sing it.”

“Love Worth Dying For” is number 66 on the Singing News Top 80 chart for July 2014. The song is on Morris Music Group March Comp Disc. I am honored to work with this Quartet! You can find out more about them at

Written by Vonda Easley, MMG Radio Promotions

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Morris Music Group signs OMEGA Quartet

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 2, 2014 – 2:06 pm -

Morris Music Group is proud to announce the newest addition to their family of artist, Omega Quartet. Based out of OmegaDahlonega Georgia, Omega Quartet is the first all male quartet signed to the Delta Sky division of Morris Music Group. Omega Quartet was formed in 2008 and has quickly garnered many honors in a relatively short time. “Omega Quartet is a great addition to MMG,” stated Kelly Morris, owner of Morris Music Group. “Producer Darren Morton and I are looking forward to working with this talented young group. Their dedication to ministry and perfecting their craft will win them new fans in southern gospel music.” Omega is set to begin their new project with producer Darren Morton of Gat 3 Midsouth in the upcoming weeks. Omega members include: tenor – Doug Pittman from Dahlonega, GA; baritone – Cody McCreary from Hartwell, GA; bass – Rick Walls from Myrtle Beach, SC; and lead – Kevin Harry from Dallas, GA. Visit or for more information about Omega Quartet.

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Here’s the REAL scoop #butGod

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 16, 2013 – 3:02 pm -

steelesThe Steeles officially came off the road in May of 2006. Jeff assumed the duties of Senior Pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Cullman, Alabama. The church experienced exponential growth over the next several years. Then a set of circumstances was set in motion that no Motion Picture Writer could have dreamed up. One Wednesday night prior to the Mid-Week service Jeff was in his office preparing to walk over to the Worship Center to preach. A phone call was put through to his office and he received the news that two of his close friends Josh and Ashley Franks had just experienced an emergency at The Singing in the Sun in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their one year old daughter Priscilla had jumped from Ashley’s arms as she was checking her diaper. She landed on her head on a concrete floor. By the time Jeff got the call she was being rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Myrtle Beach. He had the church gather in the altar that night and pray for this family. At the end of the service he called the associate pastor at their home church who he had asked to go and check on the family to inquire as to what was happening. The associate said “Jeff they are taking the baby by ambulance to Charleston, SC for further testing at a larger hospital.” Jeff immediately called Ashley’s cell phone. She said “Pastor Jeff I am in the back of the ambulance; I don’t have enough cell service to talk but I have enough to text.” For the next two hours they texted back and forth Ashley talking about how she felt responsible for the accident involving her baby and Jeff trying to bring comfort to a hurting, young mother a long way from home. They got to the hospital and Jeff said “please text me and let me know of the outcome.” At 4:12 that next morning his text notification went off beside his bed and Ashley had texted a picture of Priscilla being loaded into the car seat with one of her stuffed animals. The accompanying message said “Praise the Lord all is well!” As the week-end rolled around Jeff found himself sitting alone in his office pondering the events of that Wednesday night. He states “the pictures of that event as it was described to me wouldn’t leave my mind. I KNEW the enemy had fired a shot to destroy Josh’s preaching ministry, Ashley’s singing ministry and to destroy this young family…BUT GOD put Himself in the way…pointed His finger at the devil and said I DARE YOU to cross this line.” The thought hit him that so many people had that same testimony. The storm that was headed straight for their house and “turned” the other way. The fire that started on the stove and was caught and they were able to put it out with a fire extinguisher. The wreck they almost had. The disease that was supposed to kill them and they’re still alive. Jeff continues “I had heard and experienced this same testimony so many times. Over a two day period in the solitude of my office and through much prayer I wrote the song But God. Now our church is a Southern Baptist Church. It is a pretty dignified bunch. But I remember the first time we ever sung it we did it here at our home church. This place came unglued! Folks stood up, they shouted, they raised their hands, they hooped and hollered for five minutes after we got through. I KNEW this song was special and had a special message.” The Steeles teamed up with brand new Morris Music Group who said they would love to put the song out to radio for the group. Jeff said “OK” and the rest is history. The Steeles didn’t even have a group as Jeff had been pastoring the church for eight years!! Andrew Ishee (a very familiar name to gospel music) and a lifetime friend of Sherry and Jeff Steele came on board, the song FIRST went to the Internet along with a video that The Steeles produced themselves through their churches (Andrew and Jeff’s) television ministries then to radio where it now has moved in just its third month to # 7 on The Singing News Chart! The Steeles having TWO pastor’s in the group now and neither one of them feeling led to leave their positions were left with a dilemma. They wanted to sing but how? They came up with the idea of doing a series of events called Monumental Monday’s with The Steeles! Everybody they talked to about it said “don’t do it…don’t even try.” Jeff says “we did it anyway and are now booking in March of 2014.” And so one song has put The Steeles back on Christian radio, back on the road (to some extent) and back to relevance.

The Steeles even did a date on the National Quartet Convention this year. It was their first trip to the Convention in 12 years. Paul Heil with the Gospel Greats interviewed Jeff that day and asked him…”Jeff did you mean it when you said you were coming off the road in 2006?” Jeff responded….”I absolutely meant it….BUT GOD obviously had other ideas.”

By the way…you may wonder how I know so much about this story. Well….Josh Franks is my son-in-law, Ashley Franks is my Daughter and Priscilla is my granddaughter. I was there and witnessed it all. I ask YOU; How many of us would find it quite odd…that we wouldn’t be here except for two words….BUT GOD!!!


Vonda Easley
Director of Radio Promotions
Morris Music Group

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Drummond Family Joins Morris Music Group

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 30, 2013 – 8:29 pm -

Morris Music Group is proud to announce the signing of The Drummond Family from Chipley, Florida to a Drummondrecording contract. Kelly Morris, President of Morris Music Group says “We are excited about The Drummond Family signing with Morris Music Group. We having been watching this group for quite a while and have really been impressed. We are looking forward to what God has in store. They sang on one of our NQC showcases and we were convinced that the fit of The Drummond Family and Morris Music Group was a good one.” The Drummond Family is currently choosing material for their first Morris Music Group project.

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Eagle’s Wings and The Stephens met great success at the recent National Quartet Convention

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 19, 2013 – 7:57 am -

StephensEaglesMorris Music Group artists Eagle’s Wings and The Stephens met great success at the recent National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. Both groups were voted best in the Regional Showcases they performed in and as winners they were given a slot on the Main Stage on their respective night. Eagle’s Wings performed on Monday night and The Stephens made it two nights in a row for Morris Music Group when they performed on Tuesday night! The good news did not end there as both groups were named to the Top 20 groups that had performed that week during the Showcases and The Stephens won THAT Final Showcase and were back on the Saturday night Main Stage Program. Congrats to Morris Music Group, The Stephens AND Eagle’s Win

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