New Video From Jay Parrack and Vocal Event

Jay Parrack and Vocal Event
Jay Parrack and Vocal Event

With a soothing blend of old southern gospel, to an upbeat, contemporary harmonic mix, Vocal Event is a group that brings versatility and southern roots to their audience.

This Gadsden, Alabama based trio brings to the southern gospel scene, Darren Morton

– Baritone, Anthony “Bubba” Hallman – lead, and former Gold City Tenor Jay Parrack.

Jay Parrack, sang with Gold City for over ten years and remains one of the leading tenors in gospel music. He brings with him, a heritage of gospel roots and embeds them within the harmony of this group.

Audiences have proven to instantly fall in love with the smooth contemporary sounds  of Vocal Event as well as to their unique arrangements of old gospel hymns.

This group is grounded to their southern roots and is committed to delivering a trio sound that appeals to the very soul of true gospel music. With Jay Parrack’s unique tenor sound and the blend of Darren and ‘Bubba’, they prove to provide not only entertainment but a time of true worship straight from the words of scripture as well as from new words of worship and praise.

Darren Morton and “Bubba” Hallman blend perfectly with Jay Parrack with a ‘smooth as silk’ sound that eases the senses. This trio has hit the field strong and are sure to become a leading group as they embark on their 2nd project, soon to be released. This project is a mix of old hymn arrangements, accapella tunes, and new releases that will prove to be instant favorites.