The Bilderbacks sign with Activate Records

In 1997, The Bilderbacks won first place at the Albert E. Brumley Gospel Sing talent contest. This opened the doors for The

Pictured left to right: Tre Corley (Activate Records). Blake Bilderback , Rick Sandidge (Activate Records), Euel Bilderback, Paul Corley (Activate Records), Marsha Bilderback

Bilderbacks to record in Nashville with some of gospel music’s finest talent. They  have enjoyed top 40 charting success in The Singing News Magazine, The U.S. Gospel News Magazine, & The Printed Voice of Gospel Music. The top charting songs were “When We’re Caught Up”, ”I’m a Winner Either Way”, “I Cry Holy To Thee”, which were written by Euel Bilderback. The Bilderbacks have been singing across America in many churches, county fairs, TV programs, and other community events. We here at Activate Records are looking forward to working with The Bilderback’s and what God has in store with this new venture.