The Browders Find Three Songs In The Top 100 Songs For 2012

Hiltons, VA (January 3, 2013) The Browders of Hilton, VA are kicking 2013 off with a bang. Sonya Browder says, “We cannot believebrowderspublicity how God has blessed the Browders so much in the past year.”

Blessed is a good word to use, because the Browders found out at the end of December that their powerful video “Fall On My Knees” topped 50,000 views. David Browder stated, “We are so humbled by the fact that so many people have taken the time to view this amazing video. We are also humbled that God would use some everyday people from Virginia to reach so many hurting people.”

Continuing in the excitement, Tommy Browder chimed in, “We just found out that our newest single to radio, “Praise You in This Valley”, was picked as January’s #1 new radio release by DJ’s across America, as well as the most added song to radio stations play list.”

If that wasn’t enough excitement to keep them on cloud nine for a while, news just broke that the Browders have three songs in the Top 100 Songs For 2012. At song #92 was the just released to radio “Praise You In This Valley”, with the #41 song being “Dream”. You have to go all the way up to the Top 10 Songs to find “Stepping Stones” at #5.

The excitement just spilled over as Matthew Browder said, “To come in at #92 with “Praise You For This Valley” is just amazing since it has only been to radio for a few months. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for that song in the months to come.”

 The Browders have a new CD Project coming out in March 2013 which has some new dramatic music written by the Browders. Be watching and be ready to grab your copy of this dynamic project.