The Isaacs Launch New Website

Nashville, TN (August 15, 2013)Along with the release of their new CD “The Living Years” and DVD  “The Isaacs Up Close & Isaacswebsite5Personal” multi-award winning family, The Isaacs  have launched a new website where it is easier than ever to order their music and merchandise. You can also keep up with their touring schedule, latest photos, links and more.

Some of the new features include news flashes, where they will post special appearances like Opry shows, online broadcasts, television appearances, last minute additions to their concert schedule, and other exciting events, allowing you can tune in and catch The Isaacs performances.
They also have links to other sites that will be of interest to their fans such as Socialcam, Twitter and Facebook as well as links to outside sources.
Becky Isaacs Bowman stated, “My favorite part of the new website is the fact that you can enter your email address and receive The Isaacs latest news as soon as it is posted. We invite all of our fans to go to the new site,,  and tell us what you think.”
The Isaacs have been busy this year not only touring and working on their own projects but also working on projects for other artists. Becky Isaacs Bowman and Sonya Isaacs Yeary recently finished studio work singing background vocals for a new CD by Dolly Parton.
Lily Isaacs said, “A wonderful opportunity for my daughters, Sonya and Becky! They have been blessed to do background vocals on many different artists’ projects. Many of them just happen to be some of their country artist heroes. Doing this with Dolly has been a dream come true. This is the third time they’ve had this amazing experience with Dolly. She is such a beautiful and genuine person that my girls were so humbled by her presence in the studio with them. Thank you Dolly for one of the best days ever! I am so proud of Sonya and Becky.  ”

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