The Steeles Return To The Road Full Time

jeff steele
jeff steele

Big news from the land of THE STEELES!! Per Jeff Steele…”On August 31st I painfully informed my church in Cullman, AL that as of September 14th I would be stepping down as Senior Pastor there. It has been a very rewarding nine years that we spent in that position and we have been blessed beyond measure with God’s richest blessings. We had the honor of leading 3 new building programs during our time here and saw hundreds join and many were saved. We meant to stay until we retired.

BUT GOD! When God says GO you’d better not sit still and God very clearly revealed to Sherry and myself that the time had come to start a new chapter in our ministry. At age 55 I am very well aware that this will be my “last lap” around the track. Now I pray that it will be a long, healthy, useful trip but it IS the last one for me. We have decided to return to the road. We want to minister to as many people as possible in the time we have left to do so. Please pray with us about this new season of our lives. Our desire is to help grow the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ. I will continue preaching in conferences and revival meetings. The Steeles will still sing. Many churches are planning giant Harvest Sunday’s with THE STEELES featuring preaching that morning and a concert that night!

If you are interested in having THE STEELES for a service in your church contact us today at 256-590-2068! There have been so many dates we have had to turn down because of our pastoral duties and we are now free to minister most anytime…most anywhere. Our heart is in the church and we look forward to ministering in your area soon.

I just wanted to get the official word out immediately so you could know where we are and what we are doing. Again…pray for us and we will see YOU…ON THE ROAD!”