The Stutzman Family Celebrate First Top 40 Song

Nashville, TN (Oct. 5, 2009) – The Stutzman Family is celebrating their first Top 40 song, “I Know Which Boat to Ride.” The song will appear at #40 on the November Singing News Top 80. It features The Stutzman Family, along with a special guest appearance from Gaither pianist and acclaimed soloist, Gordon Mote.

When they heard the news, The Stutzman Family held an impromptu party, on Thursday night at the National Quartet Convention. Many DJs were able to stop by their booth and congratulate the family and also meet songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson.

Ryan Stutzman shared, “We know it’s not all about the numbers, but it is exciting. We certainly appreciate all the stations and the DJs who share in our ministry by playing our music.”

You can send your congratulations to The Stutzman Family through their website at