Tracy Stuffle Celebrates 25 Years With The Perrys

Hendersonville, TN (Oct. 29, 2010) – When the Perrys decided to hire a bass singer in 1985, they had no way of knowing 18 year old Tracy Stuffle would go on to make such a mark on Southern Gospel music.

On a recommendation by Gerald Wolfe, the Perry family invited Tracy to try out for the position.  Gerald and Tracy made the trip from Morristown, TN, to Dahlonega, GA, in Gerald’s 1976 Toyota Corolla station wagon.  Following a less-than-stellar audition, it appeared as though his chances of being hired were slim, but George Perry saw Tracy’s potential.  On October 30, 1985, after a second audition and a brief trial run, Tracy began singing bass for the Perrys, a position he has now held for 25 years.
Libbi Perry Stuffle recalls Tracy’s early days with the group, saying, “Tracy was full of  energy and wanted to sing!”  But Tracy’s enthusiasm did not end there.  “Then, after he got the part, he wanted to learn to drive the bus.  Well, he did that!  Then, he wanted to learn how to work on a bus and learned to do that pretty good!”  Libbi continues, “his next thing he wanted to do: marry the boss’ daughter. Well, on November 28, 1987, he did that, too!”
The last quarter of a century has brought about many changes, both for the group and for the industry as a whole.  But through it all, Tracy has remained faithful to the call on his life to share the Gospel through song.  Libbi concludes by saying, “it’s been a long road, with a lot of bumps along the way, but he has persevered and made it this far! We pray that God will allow Tracy to continue to carry His word in song for 50 more years or more! Thank you, Tracy, for your dedication, devotion and hard work you have given to God’s service!”
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