TriumphantLatest letter from Triumphant
Hi guys and gals,
I hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. All of us are okay and our families are fine as far as I know. I have been asked a lot if all the “Triumphant Guys” have been in contact thru all this and the answer is Yes!!!

We text about every day and call each other some, as well. It could be because we are like brothers or it could be that we are bored and have nothing else to do. Ha!Actually we have been working a lot around our own houses and getting things done that we normally don’t have a lot of time to do. And, while it is definitely not the way we wanted it to come about, we are thankful for this great quality time we have with our families.

Triumphant 2020We are missing you guys!!! I mean that!!! We miss singing but we really miss the sweet people we get the privilege to sing to. I don’t think we ever took the blessing for granted, but we will all be super excited to get back out there and hug you, fist bump you, wave at you or whatever the protocol will be.

We will be doing an online concert this Saturday night, April 18, 2020 at 7 PM Eastern. We would love it and be honored if you would join us. We will be doing songs that we haven’t done lately so it should be interesting and a little scary. Ha!

Click on this link below for more information:!Hopesings-Triumphant/p/185941125/category=0

God bless you guys. We love you and can’t wait to see you in person.


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