Tune-in Alert – Bowling Family On Paul Heil’s Gospel Greats Program

Nashville, TN (January 24, 2014) Southern Gospel Music’s Bowling Family is making a comeback after recovering from a devastating bus accident more than three years ago. Now they’ve recorded a new CD bowlingsappropriately titled “Safe After The Storm.”

The Bowlings will be Paul Heil’s Featured Artists on this weekend’s edition of The Gospel Greats. You’ll find out why so many of their songs are relevant considering what they’ve gone through.

This will also be Paul’s official Singing News Top 20 Countdown for February. It’s all happening on The Gospel Greats program, this weekend, January 25/26.

You can learn more about the Bowling Family at http://www.bowlingsonline.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Bowling-Family .

You can reach the Bowling Family by E-mail at contact@bowlingfamilyonline.com .

The Bowling Family is booked by the Beckie Simmons Agency - http://bsaworld.com – 615-595-7500.

Information about Paul Heil’s Gospel Greats Radio Program is at http://www.thegospelgreats.com .