Update On George Amon Webster

(August 16, 2010) Nashville, TN-  Homeland Entertainment Group on behalf of The Toney Brothers would like thank all of you who have been faithfully praying for George Amon Webster and the Toney Brothers.  We would like to report that George was released from the hospital on Thursday, August 12th. He looks good and is in great spirits and has returned home to Tennessee. His left arm is doing well and healing as expected. However, his fractured hip socket is healing slow and will require him to be off of it for an estimated six weeks. While all of this is positive news, we regret to inform you the test results of the mass found on George’s neck.
Doctors have discovered that George has cancer lesions on the back of his tongue that are spreading to the right side of his throat. So far, they say it is 9 cm in size, is non-operable and must be treated with chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors in Illinois are referring George to someone in Nashville to treat his cancer condition. Doctors have also voiced concern for George’s lack of eye sight due to his cataract problem. They feel this impairment will slow down his physical therapy process since he now cannot see enough to be mobile. Doctors also do not wish to start chemotherapy treatment, then have to pause for a cataract surgery.
The current plan formed by George’s doctors is for him to have cataract surgery then begin physical therapy and cancer treatment.
Please continue to keep George and the Toney Brothers in your prayers. For more updates concerning George, please visit
www.toneybrothers.com or www.homelandentertainmentgroup.com