This Week In Gospel Music With Mickey Bell

Coming up on This Week in Gospel Music with Mickey Bell… Mickey talks with Josh Cobb (Gold City) from their recording studio where they are recording a brand new project produced by Michael English.  Mickey also asked about a concert in which Josh rushes the stage while the Booth Brothers are preforming.  While that wasn’t so bad – it was the dancing right in front of them that was caught on tape and can be seen on the show’s website.  I think a cow bell was involved as wall.
We also talk with Troy Peach (The Perrys) who describes to us in detail what took place on the Perry’s bus leading up to the heart attack of Tracy Stuffle.  We also find out what the Perry’s lineup will be for the next month or so.  News about Tony Greene being taken from the stage to the hospital by ambulance when he gets short of breath and his sugar escalates to 400. 

And we announce this week’s winner of our free NQC ticket giveaway.  Be sure to join us.