Update On Randy Perry

Update On Randy Perry
Update On Randy Perry

Update on Randy’s 2nd open heart surgery on June 26 2018:
As many of you may know for the last 6 months I have been having severe heart issues. After 6 heart procedures and 2 arteries that was 100% occluded opened back up. The arteries have started collapsing on each side of the 12 stents that the Drs. In GA and NY has put in. This sometimes occurs when arteries haven’t had blood flowing through them as the start deteriorating from the inside out. Unfortunately both arteries now are collapsing. With no other options left on the table a 2nd open heart will be needed to create new paths for blood flow.
Both Drs. Agree that if left like they are currently that the pain will be intolerable and most likely will lead to my death in probably less than 6 months time. So after seeking several Drs. Council we will have to have a 2nd open heart surgery.
All the work that has been done previously has not been lost thankfully. I wasn’t a candidate for open heart before these surgeons opened the arteries to create good blood flow. Because of their untiring work and not giving up attitudes I now at least have a chance for a successful surgery. I’ve never seen a Dr. cry until yesterday when he was sharing with how hard he tried to help me. I pray God bless him for having a caring spirit!
Please be in prayer for Mary Lynn Perry and my family and the entire surgery team that God will guide them.
Thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of prayers and financial support these last 6 months. I’ve had several people messaging me wanting to know how they can help us. Prayers and more prayers are most appreciated.
There is several ways to help financially as we will be off the road for at least 2 more months providing all goes really good.
Our mailing address is:
PO Box 448
Dawsonville GA 30534
Or you can go on our website at
randyperryministries.com and there is a donate to the ministry tab that you can click on. Or you can also make a donation through PayPal to rpmministries@aol.com
Thank you all for just being concerned enough to even read this in it’s entirety. God bless you all.