Vertical Sky Announces New LAUNCH Strategy

donnaNashville, TN (September 16th, 2013) In the ever-expanding and changing era of Gospel music radio airplay, Vertical Sky is thrilled to announce a new service for Christian music artists called LAUNCH.
What is LAUNCH?  Launch is a radio airplay service, offered by Vertical Sky, geared to send and service Christian music in the genre of Southern Gospel and Bluegrass to the strongest and most comprehensive list of airplay outlets available today.  Those include individual stations, networks, syndicated programs, internet radio, and satellite radio programming. After months of research and preparation, the company is thrilled to be ready to help artists do what matters MOST; Get their music HEARD.
LAUNCH is not just a download service.  It is a truly AIRPLAY focused service where music will be sent to stations, either by hard copy radio disc and/or download, according to the preference of the station.
Vertical Sky will provide additional perks during the LAUNCH, by first helping choose the right single for radio (which affords the artist’s music the best opportunity for success), setting add dates, striving for adds on those dates, and expansion of airplay opportunities.  Additionally, each artist using LAUNCH will have a personalized E-Card download sent to nearly 700 stations, placement on the Vertical Sky website, and placement on Vertical Sky’s exclusive SOUNDCLOUD fan listening page.
This new approach to radio promotion and servicing was born out of years of experience in radio promotion by company founder and president, Donna King.  Donna expresses, “I love my radio friends and my artists.  More and more, over the years, I have seen that my wonderful charting stations are overwhelmed and inundated with people vying for a TOP spot.  I have also seen the emotional pull this effort has on my precious artists, often draining their hopes and dreams, when, all the while, they are doing an excellent job in serving God and reaching people. While I understand the need for an artist’s music and ministry to be validated by chart success, I truly believe this can happen in ways that honor GOD and the efforts of those artists and radio stations.  Both entities work hard to do the right thing in the right way. Chart success, and, most importantly, airplay success will happen with good music and strong lyrical content.  I am able to testify to that from personal experience. These radio stations listen to their audience and to the heart of GOD. While I understand the LAUNCH approach won’t be preferred by everyone, I think many artists will benefit from this service and will feel grateful to avoid the monthly promotion payments following the launch of a single that leave them wondering if it is making a difference or not.  This is a huge leap of faith for Vertical Sky but I believe it will lead many people to a really great place in their radio efforts.  I have to be obedient to God.  This decision is, for me, an act of obedience.  This is not to say that I feel the traditional method of radio promotion is wrong. I think in some cases, and at some times, it is needed (like when a single has traction and needs a boost).  I just don’t believe that it is right for everyone, every time.”
In addition to Vertical Sky’s LAUNCH, Donna is excited to be able to spend more time working with ministries on staging and vocal training, as well as her GREAT loves, which are writing and producing music.  She, along with her husband, Zane, will begin touring on a limited basis as well.
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