Weekend Word with Vonda Armstrong

If we all were sitting in a room and I walked around to each of you this Sunday morning and asked you to share your story, each one would be somewhat different.  Some would be unbelievable. Some pretty ordinary, but the truth is, “We All Have A Story.”

That story is your testimony. Have you ever had a chance to tell your story to someone and it changed their life?  Your story was written to be shared.

I hope you have a great Sunday  and I want to challenge you to find someone to share your story with today.  Has God done some pretty amazing things in your life? I dare you to share it and watch Him move.

For a long time I kept my story to myself, because of some pain that was in my past.

God convicted me to share it. I’m glad I did! I found out that broken people help broken people .

Feel free to share in the comments below. You never know, your story could end up in SGN SCOOPS MAGAZINE.  There is enough bad on Social media. Can we flood it today with good?