Weekend Word With Vonda Armstrong, “He Won’t Just Get You By, He’ll See You Through”

Hi friends!

Last night, I was looking through some prayer request cards that folks had left in the altar at an event in Oxford, Alabama back in March.  One said, “pray that I can lose this anxiety.” Another one, “Salvation for my husband.”  One really spoke to me, “pray that I can be a better Christian.” We can all use that prayer. But there was one written by a small child.

I remember him. He paid attention to every group and on his card, he asked for prayer for Fields of Grace, New Reason and his Mom & Dad. Fields of Grace had sang just a little earlier in the small showcase room there at Southern Gospel Weekend in Oxford, Alabama. It was anointed. The spirit was thick. Some of you will get that, while others may not, but WE HAD CHURCH!

I believe that child understood the message in the song that Fields of Grace sang that day, “He Won’t Just Get You By, He’ll See You Through.” It was penned by Don Stiles and it is a song of hope and truth.

How do you make it through hard times?  Recently, As I comforted a friend who had just lost her Mother, I thought back about how God had been so Faithful to get me through the loss of my Mom. No matter what storm you face, HE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. He is faithful.

Have a great weekend. Jesus loves you!