Who is The Carter-Robertson Band?

The Carter-Robertson Band
The Carter-Robertson Band

When Bryan Carter began to play guitar on the road with Jeff and Sheri Easter back in the late nineties, he never thought he would meet the love his life, Miss Kristi Starbuck. Kristi traveled with the Easters to help watch Jeff and Sheri’s young children while they were performing. Bryan and Kristi were married in 2000, and in 2003, after touring the country playing for many churches, arenas, television shows, and the Bill Gaither Homecomings, Bryan decided to come off the road to continue building his recording studio shortly before the birth of their second child. Bryan and Kristi now own and operate Retrac Recording Studio in Ashland, Alabama where they are raising their five children-Grace, Isaac, John, Lilly, and Ella. In addition to working in his own studio, Bryan has also become a well sought out studio musician throughout the Birmingham and Atlanta areas.

Around 2009, Bryan began to record and play with keyboardist Ryan Robertson. Ryan, known as the singing Judge of Cleburne County, played for weddings and local events. Carter and Robertson had been playing for several years together when Bryan’s mother surprised and informed the two that they were actually cousins and shared a great grandfather named Moses. Not the Moses that parted the Red Sea.

Now after many years of music, family and friendship, Bryan and Kristi Carter have decided to team up with Ryan Robertson and his wife Missie to form The Carter-Robertson Band. Ryan, still serving as a Probate Judge in his county, his wife Missie, a nurse executive, plan to fill their weekends touring with the Carters singing, serving and proclaiming the name of Jesus!

Morris Music Group artist,  Carter-Robertson Band’s first album release is called “God Against The Law.” This song, full of passion and concern for our Country’s future was penned by Jerry Lackey and Ryan Robertson back when Judge Roy Moore of the Alabama State Supreme Court was forced to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery in 2003. The upcoming album is full of original songs that were co-written by the Carters or the Robertsons.