Williamsons and Butler Music Group Announce Exclusive Management Agreement


Nashville, TN,  Nashville, TN, December 15, 2014  Donnie Williamson, of the fast rising Southern Gospel group The Williamsons, recently announced that he has reached an exclusive management agreement with Les Butler of Nashville’s Butler Music Group.

Les Butler states, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Donnie as members of the Southern Gospel Music Guild.  “He is a top notch professional who works hard to further the cause of Christ through Southern Gospel Music.”  Butler continues, “He has assembled one of the best mixed quartets in the business, and it’s about time we tell somebody about it.  I’m excited to be a part of a team that is going to work hard to do just that; tell folks about the quality music ministry that is the Williamsons.”

Donnie Williamson of the Williamsons added, “It has been a pleasure working with Les Butler and an honor that he would agree to work with us! I have been acquainted with Mr. Butler casually for several years and have known him to be one of the most knowledgeable men in the Southern Gospel Music industry. I’m glad that more recently I have been able to add him to my list of real friends and to learn that he is even more knowledgeable than I thought!”

About the Williamsons

Donnie and Lisa Williamson are both from musical families.  Donnie’s family traveled as a quartet and held concerts and revival meetings, while Lisa spent more time singing with her family in churches where her father was pastor.  Donnie is baritone, emcee, and manager for the group.  Lisa Chesser Williamson has one of the best voices in gospel music today – smooth, flexible, and well suited for the sound that makes gospel music unique. Lisa is also a gifted songwriter and she and Donnie have penned several songs recorded by some of gospel’s top artists.  Other members of the Williamsons are South Carolina native Karl Rice and New Orleans born Darin Hebert. Rice, the newest member of the group, started singing in church at the age of 10 with his father. Karl is a versatile musician, singer, and songwriter.  Darin Hebert is considered one of the finest young bass singers in the field.  He began singing in local gospel groups and quickly began to be known for his rich bass voice. He joined the Williamsons his senior year of high school and fulfilled his dream of singing gospel music full time.