Williamsons Release New Album – Tell Somebody


Weleetka, OK (October 24, 2014) Talented mixed quartet, The Williamsons, have just released another great album titled Tell Somebody. The album consists of material that is written by some of the most talented songwriters available today, including four songs penned by Lisa Williamson, group member and featured soloist on many of the songs. Closing the CD out is a great classic written by Mosie Lister.
To make a great album you must have great songs and that task wasn’t taken lightly. No less than 200 songs were listened to in the deciding process. Choosing 50 would have been difficult, but narrowing it down to eleven was nearly impossible.

The project was produced by award winning producer, Donna King, known for stretching artists and pulling things out of them they didn’t think possible. Donna was present in every step of the process down to the final mix. She was going for the best ever from the Williamsons. One thing about making a great record, besides great songs and well-recorded vocals, is making the little details matter too, from every background vocal, to every note played, and every overdub, and all the mix sounds, the Williamsons covered all the bases to produce the best album of their career.

Donna King commented “Every album I produce is as important to me as my own (if not more important).  To have the opportunity to produce music that affects God’s kingdom, because of the ministry that will come from the songs, is not something I take lightly.  Working with the Williamsons was an amazing experience.  They were FULLY engaged and willing to go places no man “or woman” had gone before  (as far as things they had done in the past).  They understood the importance of great songs and they worked with me diligently on those choices.  They gave me 110% from day one (and there were many days).  That is a producer’s dream.  They are so talented, but they are also pliable and that is a GREAT attribute to ending up with a superb album.  And, most importantly, their hearts are in this for ALL the right reasons!  I LOVE this group and I am SO excited about this album and honored to have been blessed to produce it.”

Donnie Williamson. Baritone singer and group manager stated “I believe this is the most powerful music we have ever recorded. The music is filled with the message of Christ that will uplift those who listen and touch them no matter where they are in life.”

Lisa Williamson also said “Some of the best songwriters in Gospel Music are represented on this project and I am honored to have four of my songs included.”

The first song released to radio is “It Was The Word” written by Lisa, and it is already being accepted well by DJs across the country.

Songs include:
It Was The Word
That’s What I’m Talking About
All Our Hope
He Lived To Tell It
No Umbrellas
I Laid It All Down
Healing For The Hurting
I’ve Got To Tell Somebody
While the Ages Roll

You can learn more about the Williamsons by going to http://www.williamsonsmusic.com or https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Williamsons .

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