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Fayth Lore of the Lore Family talks about a Mother’s Love

Written by Staff on May 12, 2018 – 12:05 pm -

Fayth Lore and the Lore Family

Fayth Lore and the Lore Family

When you’re a little girl, you watch your mother with the intent of being just like her. She’s what makes you love people a bit deeper. She’s what makes your home look and smell good, and she’s the epitome of God’s love. Little boys go to their mother for care and concern and live with the expectation that she can make anything better again. Their mother is who shows them love in the first place.


If God blesses you with a mother, or someone who treated you like their own, He has blessed you with something that will last a lifetime. Mothers deserve more than just a day to recognize them, but take a moment today, or two, and wrap those arms around your mother or the special lady in your life and remind her of the love she has given you.


Fayth Lore

Fayth Lore and her mom, Sandy

Fayth Lore of the Lore Family truly knows the leadership and guidance of having a special mother. I asked Fayth the following questions, to which you can feel the reality of their relationship, and the love and respect she holds for her mother.

What do you admire most about your mother?

“There are so many things that I admire about my mother. It’s hard to pick just one. Anyone who knows Sandy Lore knows that she loves God, and she loves her family. Mom isn’t the type of person who just lives for Jesus on Sundays and on stage. She lives for Him each day and behind the scenes when nobody’s watching. One thing I have always appreciated about my mother is that she is as real as they come. She’s not a fake person. She sincerely cares about people and hurts when they hurt. I’ve watched her talk to individuals after concerts and later write their name down on her prayer board that she prays over daily. She is a woman of faith.


“She is absolutely hilarious when you get to know her and extremely sarcastic, but she’s never been afraid to let me see her hard days. She’s allowed me to be her best friend, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I share pretty much every detail of my life with my mother, because I have confidence in her discrepancy, advice and love. She’s always told me that she loves me, but she’s never shied away from telling me when I’m wrong. She is the epitome of class, but she knows how to cut up and have a good time.”


Fayth Lore and the Lore FamilyWhat is it like singing on stage with your mother?


“It is something special to have the opportunity to sing with my family on stage. Not very many young women get that chance. We’re a pretty normal, average family. We all drive each other crazy, but that’s what makes road trips so fun. Hah. We say that we’re like a three-ring circus, and it’s probably true. In the end, I know that family is the most precious possession that God has given me on this side of Heaven. I wouldn’t trade singing next to my crazy bunch, for the world.


“At our latest teen girl conference, True Purpose Girls Conference 2017, Mom and I both caught eyes while singing a duet together on one of our latest songs, “Many Sparrows” (written by Marcia Henry). Looking each other in the eye, we both began to tear up. Later, we discussed what was running through our minds as we caught eyes, and we discovered that we were thinking the same thing. The lyrics say, “You are worth more than many sparrows. It’s important that you know, God knows exactly where you are. And you, don’t be afraid about tomorrow. For no matter where you go, God goes. He is looking out for many sparrows.” Running through both of our minds was the thought of how special the other person is. The quality time that I get to spend with my mom every weekend, I’m sure I take for granted many of times. But, I will never forget our special moments that God gives us.”


Of all the amazing traits your mother has, what do you feel is her best?


“Her hazel eyes. She does have beautiful eyes, but in all seriousness, my mom has a pure heart. Like I said, she is just real with people. When people come to her with questions or prayer requests, she always tries to sympathize with them and takes time to listen. If there is an issue, she’s not very good at sweeping it under the rug. She believes in getting things into the light, because the truth will set you free. We always say that if someone is going to get hurt or sick in the family, it will be mom. We say it’s because she’s the most spiritual one of the four of us, and Satan is trying to take her out. But, she has full faith in the power of God. She’s not afraid to pray about anything and believe what she’s praying for.”


What trait(s) does your mother possess that you hope to exemplify one day for yourself?


“Her faith and her class. Mom and Dad both grew up at the same church, up the holler. We’re country as cornbread as they say. Maybe not that country, but we do live in Southern Ohio. My mother is a classy woman, and she believes in taking care of yourself and looking your best. But, she also showed Samuel and I how to make Indian War paint with river water and river rock. She’d smear it on our cheeks when we were younger, and we’d pretend like we were Indians. I hope to have her sincerity and faith someday. I tend to be too analytical and downcast about situations or goals. But, when Mom claims something in Jesus’ name, she believes it wholeheartedly.”

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Sound~checking with The Lore Family

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 15, 2018 – 5:55 am -

Sound~checking with The Lore Family

Sound~checking with The Lore Family

“Sound~checking with The Lore Family”

From Darren Lore:
Samuel was doing a sound check. He didn’t know I was recording. This is one of my favorite Squire Parsons song. And, we love ministering here at Good Shepherd Community Church. Notice the orange padding. Two congregations today had orange padding. Look For Me At Jesus Feet.

Also, Darren visited  with this fellow at the concert. He was a founding member of the SGMA. Anyone remember him?

Pay close attention to the Samuels falsetto at the end. Darren states, “By the way, Samuel has been sick! The kid has a love for Southern Gospel. His falsetto at the end is funny. He does that around the house all the time.”

Thank you Lore Family for sharing this special moment with us! We love you guys…..


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Lore Family Ministry of Songs, Sermons and Seminars Continues with Determined Youth Conference

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 17, 2016 – 8:37 am -

Lore Family Ministry of Songs, Sermons and Seminars Continues with Determined Youth Conference

Lore Family Ministry of Songs, Sermons and Seminars Continues with Determined Youth Conference

Portsmouth, Ohio  The Lore Family hosted their 2nd annual Determined Youth Conference on November 11th, in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. There were around 300 in attendance with nearly 20 churches represented. Attendees heard inspirational speakers, encouraging music and a challenge to be “determined” in their walk with Christ.

The evening kicked off with worship music, led by Fayth and Samuel Lore. Keynote speakers of the conference were Micah Schweinsberg, Brian Baer, Darren Lore and C.T. Townsend.

The culmination of the conference resulted in the alters being lined, and 14 teenagers making the life changing decision to acknowledge they had asked Jesus to save them, as they begin their life with Christ.

When asked about the Determined Youth Conference, Samuel Lore said, “I really feel that many lives were changed for the better at Determined. Every speaker gave valuable knowledge on real-life topics and situations we all will most likely face. Many teenagers left being determined to have a closer commitment and relationship to Christ.”

Fayth Lore added, “We believe that the topics spoke on, and the spirit felt at the conference will have a life-time impact on those who attended. Our family has such a burden for the younger generation. We believe that God is raising an army of soldiers of the cross. We want to be an encouragement to young people, to serve God with all of their heart. Because, a life surrendered to Christ, is a life of overflowing abundance.”

The Lore Family also hosted a Determined Youth Conference in South Carolina in 2015. They plan on facilitating future events, and encourage those interested in having one in their area to contact the Lore Family by phone at 740-935-1188 or by email at

To see more pictures from Determined Youth Conference ’16, go to

More information on the Lore Family Ministries can be found at

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Lore Family Ministries Continues Busy Summer of Songs, Sermons and Seminars

Written by Staff on July 18, 2016 – 4:12 pm -

Lore Family

Lore Family

Family Participated in 23 services in June, Begins Production of New CD Project, Top Five Finalist in Diamond Awards

Portsmouth, Ohio (July 18, 2016) The Summer of 2016 has been a busy, productive and blessed season for The Lore Family. During June, they participated in 23 services. Not only did they minister in song but preached 21 of the services. Also, they began production of a new CD project, “Generation Now”, which will feature Fayth and Samuel Lore.

The Lore Family were also featured artist on the nationally, syndicated radio program, “The Gospel Greats”.  They are also a top five finalist in the 2016 SGN Scoops Diamond Awards, nominated for Sunrise Artist of the Year, and Sunrise Quartet.of the Year.

When asked about the month of singing, preaching and ministering, Darren Lore said, “We had a very busy but blessed June, ministering in 23 services. This included two camp meetings, a revival, concerts and other evangelistic efforts.”  During the CYA in the Morehead, Kentucky region, each family member shared the Word through singing, teaching, devotions or preaching. At least 20 souls were converted during the youth camp! The following week, The Lore Family began an eight day, open-air, old-fashioned camp meeting. Although it was hot, the crowd was very responsive. There were as least six more souls saved at the Six Mile Turn Camp!”

Lore Family

Lore Family

The Lore Family is also spending time in the recording studio. Darren Lore said, “We are currently working on a new project. I made two trips to Nashville, in June, to co-write with Joseph Habedank, Donna and Zane King. And, a third trip to cut the tracks and begin vocals. ‘Generation Now’ project will have eight originals and two cover songs.”  He continued, “This project will feature Fayth and Samuel Lore. Fayth had the inspiration for ‘Generation Now’, and co wrote the title cut, her first recorded original song. ‘Generation Now’ will include fantastic originals penned by such writers as Lee Black, Marcia Henry, Sue Smith, Joseph Habedank, Darren Lore, Matthew Lawson, Donna and Zane King,” he concluded. “Generation Now” will bridge generation gaps while crossing over into other genres The Lore Family is excited about this project and the impact it can have on the younger generation who need to hear this message now, more than ever.

Donna King is the producer of ‘Generation Now’. She had this to say about the Lore Family and the new album, “I am so excited to be producing this new project for the Lore Family featuring Fayth and Samuel. The world needs to see young people, not only embracing their faith in Christ, but taking a stand against the direction the world is going and offering a new road to this generation. God has called them and they are answering His call.” King continues, “And, to make it even better, they are so very talented. I believe their voices will be heard and this album will have a powerful impact on their generation, as well as those who came before them and those who will come after.”

Also, The Lore Family received the news that ‘Trace the Grace’ climbed to #14 on the Singing News August charts. And, their current single, ‘World of Hurt’ is beginning to grow nationally. And to top it off, July is looking busier than ever, with production of the “Generation Now” project and ministering in 25 services which include three camp meetings and Samuel preaching a VBS, revival. The Lore Family feels blessed as God continues to shower them with his favor.

For more information on the Lore Family, go  To vote in the 2016 Diamond Awards, click

For more Gospel music news, click here.


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Lore Family Ministries Celebrate 10th Anniversary 

Written by Staff on May 25, 2016 – 1:31 pm -

Lore Family

Lore Family

Ministry of Songs, Sermons, and Seminars Began on Mother’s Day 2006

Portsmouth, OH (May 25, 2016) The Lore Family will always remember Mother’s Day, 2006 as a landmark time for their ministry of songs, sermons and seminars. May, 2016 is also a month of milestones and blessings for the family as they celebrate their 10th anniversary in ministry. They recently hosted the “Real Women Retreat” with over 200 of attendance, while their radio ministry continues to be blessed, with the chart climbing song, “Trace the Grace.”

What began as a Mother’s Day surprise for Sandy Lore, has blossomed into one of Southern Gospel’s top family ministries. The Lore Family ministers to thousands a year in concerts, revivals, and seminars. This year they will minister in 15 states and be a part of some of Southern Gospel’s biggest events.

They recently celebrated their first top ten song, “I Lived to Tell About It,” and their current single, “Trace the Grace,” is quickly climbing, and will be at number 16 in the July Singing News Southern Gospel radio chart.

Lore Family

Lore Family

Here are some excerpts from a recent Facebook post where Darren Lore talks about the origin of the Lore Family Ministries, the blessings they’ve received over the years.

“Mother’s Day 2016 marked the 10th ANNIVERSARY of The Lore Family Ministries. Ten years ago, we had no idea that God was leading our family into a full-time, music-evangelistic ministry! On Mother’s Day night, 2006, Fayth Lore(10), Samuel Lore (9) and I sang a special song. We wanted to surprise Sandy Lore during Mother’s Day evening service. We sang, “I’ve Come Too Far”. Our first stage was Seventh Street Christian Baptist Church in Portsmouth, Ohio. I was the pastor of that small congregation. Eventually, the surprise would be on all four of us! From that inner-city congregation, our family would begin to trickle out into other churches. The journey continued from there.”

“Over the past 10 years, we’ve ministered in hundreds of churches. We have met thousands of people. By this years end, we will have ministered in nearly 15 States. We’ve been honored to sing, preach, teach and participate in so many camps, revivals, services and concerts. We love ministering the Word through songs, sermons and seminars.”

The Lore Family considers reaching the lost as the most important part of their ministry.  Darren continues “In the past decade, we’ve witnessed countless numbers of folks come to know Christ. We’ve prayed with hundreds at the altars. The MAIN purpose of our ministry is seeing lives changed through the power the Gospel”.

The Lore Family is also grateful for the opportunities they’ve received and the favor shown them. “We’ve met a host of Southern Gospel artists in our travels. From legends like Squire Parsons to local church groups, we’ve been blessed through so many ministries and friendships. Many have inspired, encouraged, supported and challenged us. Being a part of NQC, Gatlinburg Gathering and Dollywood have been rewarding. We also look forward to singing at Silver Dollar City in 2016.”

Sharing Biblical truth is the heart the Lore Family. Darren continues, “We’ve become acquainted with some of the best pastors and preachers through our travels. There are still ministers who preach the Truth and nothing but the Truth! Some have become dear, personal friends of our family. We know that we can count on the prayers of these precious friends. We LOVE being a part of services with strong, anointed, Biblical preaching!””

As Darren explains, the Lore Family is a true family Ministry. “Our vision for conferences continues to grow. Four years ago, Fayth started the ‘True Purpose’ Conferences for young ladies. Last year, our family started the ‘Determined’ Youth Conferences. Twenty one teenagers were saved at that first conference. Sandy and Fayth are strong supporters of women ministry. They totally love conducting, ministering, singing at ladies conferences. They are super-hyper about the ‘Real Women’ Conference coming up in 2 weeks! Samuel is very vital to our ministry. His singing, preaching, tech-skills and a 100 other behind-the-scene tasks is a strength to our family.”

The Lore Family’s media ministry has also been blessed over the years.  Darren explains, “Seven years ago The Lore Family began our radio ministry. We released, “An Absolutely Good Day” in April 2009. Over the ten year span, we would record a total of 5 projects and one DVD. We were privileged to be a part of the Camp Meeting Friends DVD’S and CD’S. We currently are on our 16th national radio release (Trace the Grace). Songs, such as, “He Still Bears the Scars”, “The Only Way Out Is Through”, “Come On and Praise Him”, “I Lived To Tell About It”, “It Shall Be Well” and “Trace the Grace” have helped identify our family ministry. I can’t thank enough all of the DJ friends that we’ve met. If it wasn’t for them, our songs wouldn’t be heard! This year, it was a great honor for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries to pick up “I Lived To Tell About It”. Donna Carline sings the fire out of that Marcia Bloodworth Henry and Barbara Huffman co-write! Through our ministry, they discovered the song. And, now so many more lives are being helped. Our family is currently planning on recording a project featuring Fayth and Samuel. Later on, we will do another family record.”

 The Lore Family

The Lore Family

“Last year, we became a part of the Great American Gospel TV ministry. And, now we’re sharing the Gospel in song world-wide through song. We thank Danny and Dee Kramer for including us in their ministry. Some of you will remember the song they wrote, ‘He’s In the Midst’ (Bishops).”

“God’s hand of protection has been on our family. We have traveled thousands of miles. God has sheltered us. He even flew with Sandy in a helicopter ride to Columbus, Ohio! Our Heavenly Father is now proving that He’ll be our daily Provision. He is our Healer, our Friend, our Shield, our Lord. We praise His Holy Name for allowing us the opportunity to serve Him. He is enlarging our coasts. And, we praise HIM.”

Thankful for the prayerful support they receive, Darren concludes,  “We also thank YOU for believing and supporting our family ministry. Thank you for sharing our ministry with others. Thank you for opening up your arms and pulpits for us to serve. Thank you for investing in our ministry. Only God knows where The Lore Family Ministries will be in 10 more years. Perhaps, we all will be singing around God’s Throne! But, one thing is certain, we’re not about to quit!”

For more information on the Lore Family Ministries, go to

For more Southern Gospel news click here.

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Lore Family Ministries Celebrates Spring with Songs, Sermons and Seminars

Written by Staff on May 8, 2016 – 10:01 am -

Lore Family presents Real Women Retreat

Lore Family presents Real Women Retreat

Set to Host Upcoming Real Women Retreat, Top Ten Nominee for Singing News Award, Continued Radio Success

Portsmouth, Ohio (May 6, 2016) Fresh off a successful True Purpose girls conference that saw hundreds of lives touched and changed, Lore Family Ministries is preparing for the Real Women retreat, May 20-21 at the Carlisle Inn in Sugar Creek, Ohio. Also, their current single, “Trace the Grace,” is quickly climbing the Southern Gospel charts and is on it’s way to becoming the Lore Family’s second consecutive top ten song.

Lore Family

The group’s top ten nomination for favorite New Artist in the Singing News Awards is a reflection of their dedication to their ministry and music, as they spread the Word across the country. Voting for the top five finalists is going on now, and is open for all Singing News subscribers.

The Lore Family Ministries’ Real Women retreat will prove to be a time of great music, inspiring teaching and study. This year’s conference features singer-songwriter Tammy Jones Robinette, along with Fayth Lore, Sandy Lore, Burnette Brown and Debbie Baer. Event participants will enjoy Amish meals prepared by Der Dutchman Kitchen. The event is sold out, but interested ladies can contact the Lore Family and be put on a waiting list.

In the next few months, the Family will be ministering in churches, revivals, and other events. They are seen regularly on the Great American Gospel and American Gospel Onstage television programs, and were recently featured on the program Good Ole Gospel Time.

Lore Family Ministries

The Lore Family ministers in over 200 concerts and services per year. A concert will include gospel classics, today’s favorites and new songs. Many of the new originals have been written by Darren W. Lore. Their smooth sound and classic family harmonies make them a favorite everywhere they perform. Lore Family concerts have been called “real”, “authentic”, “ministry-minded” and “anointed”.

For more information on the Lore Family Ministries, go to or call 740-285-5054.

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Update From The Lore Family

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 18, 2016 – 11:51 am -

Pray For The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family

We had some uplifting and encouraging news at the hematologist, this afternoon. Fayth Lore’s hemoglobin has basically stabilized. However, it is still too low; meaning Fayth is anemic. She is beautiful, though pale. Fayth still has a low BP. But, she had NO temperature at the Doctor’s office. Her white blood cell count is NORMAL! But, her IRON level is very low. So, Fayth will began a four week, IV therapy of receiving iron. At this point, we are not going to have to have a blood transfusion. Thankfully, our schedule permits a four week therapy. God knows what He’s doing.

Overall, Fayth feels much better today. Her headaches are slowing subsiding. And, she has an increase of strength. Today is Sandy Lore’s birthday. So, Fayth feels like celebrating some.

Our entire family cannot wait to get back on stage, ministering. We miss worshiping with friends. This is our purpose and calling. We hope to get back on the road this weekend, Lord willing. But, we will not push Sis. Fayth will be babied, for sure. She has been pressing through these symptoms for months. It just caught up with her last weekend. WE greatly appreciate your prayers, love and support. It’s good to know that people genuinely believe in our family ministry. WE can’t wait to be in service with you, soon. We’re ready!

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Pray For The Lore Family

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 13, 2016 – 8:30 am -

Pray For The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family: Plans change. Suddenly, unexpectedly plans can change. Sunday, we were to be with our dear friend Mark Hampton in Cincinnati. We were to leave at 6AM. But, plans changed. We ended up in the ER with Fayth. She passed out. She was dehydrated, anemic and having hypotension. We had to cancel services with Brown’s Chapel and Sabina CCCU. Thankfully, Pastor Slaughter was able to get Joy Jones and her sons to cover Sunday PM. Brother Mark had a wonderful service, too. The pastors were so understanding and caring. Plans change. Fayth had to cancel her trip to Pigeon Forge. She was planning to go to the Stronger Conference with her Mom, Monday-Wednesday. Instead, she’s been at home with me. Bless her heart. Plans can change. Circumstances change. Today, I ask for your continued prayers. Fayth has suffered with a constant headache for several days. When she stands up, her head throbs. We believe it’s related to her BP. We are going to the Dr. again today. We need a healing touch! We are scheduled to minister tomorrow night above Columbus, Ohio. Then, the True Purpsoe Conference is Friday Night. Fayth has prayed, planned and worked so hard for this young ladies conference. The Enemy is trying and fighting our family in several ways. But, God is for us. We stepped out by faith into full-time ministry. And that decision was right. Would you agree for the hand of God to move on my family? We know Gods’ Got This! And, on the lines of praise, Sandy is doing great. Her nose is healing, beautifully. We take her back to the dermatologist in a couple weeks. Thank you for praying! We count on you. We’ve kept most of this weeks events, fairly quiet. But, Fayth and our family want and need your prayers. We must go on. And, through Christ, we will

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Lore Family Ministries Prepares for True Purpose Conference

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 31, 2016 – 4:37 pm -

Lore Family Ministries Prepares for True Purpose Conference

Lore Family Ministries Prepares for True Purpose Conference

Portsmouth, OH  – Lore Family Ministries is making final preparations for the 2016 True Purpose Conference. This fourth annual event, hosted by Fayth Lore, will be held on Friday, April 15th at the Plymouth Heights Church of the Nazarene in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. The conference focuses on helping young girls (10+) fall in love with their Creator and discover His unique design in their lives.

The True Purpose conference begins at 5:15 p.m. with a time of tea and talk. The event will start at 6:00. Parents, pastors, chaperones and youth leaders are strongly encouraged to bring their church’s young ladies.  Admission is free.

When asked about the True Purpose Conference, Fayth Lore said, “This conference began in 2013. I was 17 years old. Mom and I were attending a women’s seminar to get some ideas for an upcoming ladies event. My mom looked over at me and said, “We have to do something for young women”.  Immediately I got ‘Holy Ghost’ goose bumps.” Fayth added, “Right then, God began to burden my heart to do something for the young ladies in my area. Too many times, I had discussed problems with Christianity, the Church and Teenagers. But, I wasn’t doing anything to help solve some of the issues. That was a defining moment when I heard God say, ‘Do Something’.  So, True Purpose Conference was birthed.”

The True Purpose Conference is held every spring in Southern Ohio. It is 2 & 1/2 hours of jam-packed Jesus!  The goal is to inspire, empower and challenge the young women.  After attending a True Purpose Conference, young ladies are encouraged to really know that their God is the one, true God.  And, He has a Divine purpose for their life. Fayth Lore’s prayer is that young ladies will walk out of the doors having learned skills and gained knowledge to help them live an abundant, God-centered life. Young ladies should feel more prepared to fight against Satan through the teaching of God’s Word.

For more information on the True Purpose Conference, call the Lore Family at 740-935-1188, or go to

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Twitter news of the day….

Written by scoopsnews on March 29, 2016 – 8:08 am -


Tweet of the day:

The Lore Family!

God is good…..

We love to witness true revival! People obeyed God’s call tonight and revival broke at Peebles CCCU! #Hallelujah



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