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Update From The Lore Family

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 18, 2016 – 11:51 am -

Pray For The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family

We had some uplifting and encouraging news at the hematologist, this afternoon. Fayth Lore’s hemoglobin has basically stabilized. However, it is still too low; meaning Fayth is anemic. She is beautiful, though pale. Fayth still has a low BP. But, she had NO temperature at the Doctor’s office. Her white blood cell count is NORMAL! But, her IRON level is very low. So, Fayth will began a four week, IV therapy of receiving iron. At this point, we are not going to have to have a blood transfusion. Thankfully, our schedule permits a four week therapy. God knows what He’s doing.

Overall, Fayth feels much better today. Her headaches are slowing subsiding. And, she has an increase of strength. Today is Sandy Lore’s birthday. So, Fayth feels like celebrating some.

Our entire family cannot wait to get back on stage, ministering. We miss worshiping with friends. This is our purpose and calling. We hope to get back on the road this weekend, Lord willing. But, we will not push Sis. Fayth will be babied, for sure. She has been pressing through these symptoms for months. It just caught up with her last weekend. WE greatly appreciate your prayers, love and support. It’s good to know that people genuinely believe in our family ministry. WE can’t wait to be in service with you, soon. We’re ready!

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Pray For The Lore Family

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on April 13, 2016 – 8:30 am -

Pray For The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family: Plans change. Suddenly, unexpectedly plans can change. Sunday, we were to be with our dear friend Mark Hampton in Cincinnati. We were to leave at 6AM. But, plans changed. We ended up in the ER with Fayth. She passed out. She was dehydrated, anemic and having hypotension. We had to cancel services with Brown’s Chapel and Sabina CCCU. Thankfully, Pastor Slaughter was able to get Joy Jones and her sons to cover Sunday PM. Brother Mark had a wonderful service, too. The pastors were so understanding and caring. Plans change. Fayth had to cancel her trip to Pigeon Forge. She was planning to go to the Stronger Conference with her Mom, Monday-Wednesday. Instead, she’s been at home with me. Bless her heart. Plans can change. Circumstances change. Today, I ask for your continued prayers. Fayth has suffered with a constant headache for several days. When she stands up, her head throbs. We believe it’s related to her BP. We are going to the Dr. again today. We need a healing touch! We are scheduled to minister tomorrow night above Columbus, Ohio. Then, the True Purpsoe Conference is Friday Night. Fayth has prayed, planned and worked so hard for this young ladies conference. The Enemy is trying and fighting our family in several ways. But, God is for us. We stepped out by faith into full-time ministry. And that decision was right. Would you agree for the hand of God to move on my family? We know Gods’ Got This! And, on the lines of praise, Sandy is doing great. Her nose is healing, beautifully. We take her back to the dermatologist in a couple weeks. Thank you for praying! We count on you. We’ve kept most of this weeks events, fairly quiet. But, Fayth and our family want and need your prayers. We must go on. And, through Christ, we will

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Lore Family Ministries Prepares for True Purpose Conference

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 31, 2016 – 4:37 pm -

Lore Family Ministries Prepares for True Purpose Conference

Lore Family Ministries Prepares for True Purpose Conference

Portsmouth, OH  – Lore Family Ministries is making final preparations for the 2016 True Purpose Conference. This fourth annual event, hosted by Fayth Lore, will be held on Friday, April 15th at the Plymouth Heights Church of the Nazarene in Franklin Furnace, Ohio. The conference focuses on helping young girls (10+) fall in love with their Creator and discover His unique design in their lives.

The True Purpose conference begins at 5:15 p.m. with a time of tea and talk. The event will start at 6:00. Parents, pastors, chaperones and youth leaders are strongly encouraged to bring their church’s young ladies.  Admission is free.

When asked about the True Purpose Conference, Fayth Lore said, “This conference began in 2013. I was 17 years old. Mom and I were attending a women’s seminar to get some ideas for an upcoming ladies event. My mom looked over at me and said, “We have to do something for young women”.  Immediately I got ‘Holy Ghost’ goose bumps.” Fayth added, “Right then, God began to burden my heart to do something for the young ladies in my area. Too many times, I had discussed problems with Christianity, the Church and Teenagers. But, I wasn’t doing anything to help solve some of the issues. That was a defining moment when I heard God say, ‘Do Something’.  So, True Purpose Conference was birthed.”

The True Purpose Conference is held every spring in Southern Ohio. It is 2 & 1/2 hours of jam-packed Jesus!  The goal is to inspire, empower and challenge the young women.  After attending a True Purpose Conference, young ladies are encouraged to really know that their God is the one, true God.  And, He has a Divine purpose for their life. Fayth Lore’s prayer is that young ladies will walk out of the doors having learned skills and gained knowledge to help them live an abundant, God-centered life. Young ladies should feel more prepared to fight against Satan through the teaching of God’s Word.

For more information on the True Purpose Conference, call the Lore Family at 740-935-1188, or go to

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Twitter news of the day….

Written by scoopsnews on March 29, 2016 – 8:08 am -


Tweet of the day:

The Lore Family!

God is good…..

We love to witness true revival! People obeyed God’s call tonight and revival broke at Peebles CCCU! #Hallelujah



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The Lore Family Ministers with Songs, Sermons, and Seminars

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 19, 2016 – 1:23 pm -

The Lore Family Ministers with Songs, Sermons, and Seminars

The Lore Family Ministers with Songs, Sermons, and Seminars

Portsmouth, OH – In their first ten years of ministry, The Lore Family have been embraced by fans, radio, promoters and pastors as they shared Songs, Sermons and Seminars. In 2015, The Lore Family enjoyed a successful year in radio that saw them hitting the top 40 in Southern Gospel charts for most of the year. In recent months, The Lore Family entered into full-time ministry. The family continues to launch out to make a greater impact in 2016. The Lore Family’s current single, “I Lived to Tell About It,” has become the groups’ first top ten. “Trace the Grace” is their next single. This song is the fourth release from their “Mount Testimony” project.

The Lore Family ministers in over 200 concerts and services per year. A concert will include gospel classics, today’s favorites and new songs. Many of the new originals have been written by Darren W. Lore. Their smooth sound and classic family harmonies make them a favorite everywhere they perform. Lore Family concerts have been called “real”, “authentic”, “ministry-minded” and “anointed”.

The Lore Family Ministries also include various seminars. Fayth Lore will soon host her fourth ‘True Purpose’ Conference, in April. The ‘True Purpose’ Conferences are designed to equip young ladies (ages 10+) to fall in love with their Creator and discover His unique design for their lives. The Lore Family will also host the ‘Real Women’ Retreat, this May. This retreat will be held in the heart of Amish country, in Central Ohio.  The retreat quickly sold out this year. So, The Lore Family has added another hotel to the venue to accommodate the demand. The Lore’s also host a teen conference entitled ‘Determined’. This conference is focused on reaching teenagers for Christ and helping them grow in their walk with the Lord. In two previous ‘Determined’ conferences, there were over 300 teenagers in attendance. Over 25 teens were converted. The teens left determined to follow Christ. Dating, Depression, and Drugs are some of the real life challenges that are tackled in these seminars.

When asked about The Lore Family Ministry, Darren Lore said “I am very excited to see what God has in store for The Lore Family. We witnessed over 100 souls saved last year. And as a pastor, I feel that’s the most important figure in any ministry. We know that our family has been called into music evangelism. And, reaching the lost will always remain the focus.”  In October 2015, The Lore Family entered into full-time ministry. Darren Lore has been a local pastor for 20 years and a community pharmacist for over 25 years. Now, The Lore Family partners with pastors to help provide congregational singing, preaching, special concerts and seminars.

The Lore Family includes parents Darren and Sandy, as well as, their children Samuel (18) and Fayth (20). Samuel and Fayth attend Ohio Christian University through their on-line program. This program enables them to balance their full-time ministry with schoolwork. Fayth is currently studying business management. And, Samuel, who answered the call to preach, is studying ministerial studies. In 2015, The Lore Family was nominated as a Top 10 new mixed group by the fans of The Singing News magazine.

In addition, The Lore Family recently enlisted TS Promotions and Publicity providing them the opportunity to better communicate effectively with fans, media, promoters and pastors. This agreement with TS Promotions and Publicity will broaden their audience by attracting new fans to the group and to Southern Gospel music. Regarding the agreement, Jim Robinette said, “I am very excited to be working with artists with the caliber of the Lore Family.  Not only are they great artists, but they deliver the message of Christ with enthusiasm and heart.”  TS Promotions and Publicity’s Roger Spears agreed, “We look forward to even more things from the Lore Family in the coming months, as they continue to spread the Good News through their ministry of Songs, Sermons and Seminars.”

The Lore Family can be heard on radio stations across the country. They also can be heard on various internet sites such as Sirius XM “Enlighten”. Also, The Lore Family can be seen on Great American Gospel and American Gospel On Stage television programs. For information on having the Lore Family minister at your church or event, contact Darren W. Lore at (740)-935-1188

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News From The Lore Family

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on October 22, 2015 – 8:16 am -

News From The Lore Family

News From The Lore Family

The Lore Family Ministries has launched out into the deep! After being a pharmacist for 25 years, Darren Lore will go to a ‘PRN’ position. This move opens up the opportunity for The Lore Family to travel, nationally. The Lore Family, from Southern Ohio, conduct nearly 200 services, yearly. They minister the Word through Songs, Sermons and Seminars. The Lore Family is made up of Darren Lore (Dad/Tenor), Sandy Lore (Mom/Soprano), 20-year old Fayth Lore (daughter/alto) and 18-year old son (Samuel Lore/bass/lead). The latest Lore Family single, “I Lived To Tell About It” debuted at #38 in the Singing News and continues to rise, nationally. Find the Latest Lore and More at

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Gospel Music Today On

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 23, 2013 – 8:31 am -

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The Lore Family Takes Main Stage at NQC

Written by SGN Scoops on September 17, 2012 – 12:22 pm -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} The popular Lore Family, who recently released Darren Lore’s upbeat and moving For I Have Learned through Jim Robinette’s SCM Vol. 22 radio comp, had a busy and successful week at the 2012 National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY. Chosen from a Regional Artist Showcase to appear on the main stage during the convention was an exciting highlight of their week. The Ohio based group has also had much success with Darren’s song, Come On and Praise Him that reached #44 on the Singing News Top 80 and most recently, Wait for the Dust to Settle that peaked at #64. As the group becomes more recognized on a national level, their concert dates continue to expand into new territories. Last month, they traveled to NC & SC to three churches and will return the first weekend of October to NC to conduct 3 more services. Darren is a pastor, and with the support of his wife, Sandy, and their children (Fayth and Samuel), his ministry at home and on the road managing the family group is a joy and passion for him. Sandy is also a recognized minister, teacher, devotional leader and women’s conference speaker. This passion was passed to Fayth, who will be a featured speaker at a TG Entertainment Live event that will include conferences and a concert featuring the Lore Family, the Browders, J.B. & Barb Spencer, and more in Wheelersburg, Oh, Nov. 16 & 17. During NQC events, the Lore Family was interviewed by Mary Fay Jackson of Family Friendly TV, The Gospel Music Today television program produced by Ken & Jean Grady, Rob Patz and Rhonda Frye of SGNScoops Digital, Jerry & Sharon Mays of The Branson Gospel Groove, Jim & Tammy Robinette of the Southern Celebration TV program, and more. The family mission includes reaching all possible through song and word and striving to offer good original songs that touch lives and hearts. More info on the Lore Family: Darren Lore: 740-935-1188

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