Fayth Lore of the Lore Family talks about a Mother’s Love

Fayth Lore and the Lore Family
Fayth Lore and the Lore Family

When you’re a little girl, you watch your mother with the intent of being just like her. She’s what makes you love people a bit deeper. She’s what makes your home look and smell good, and she’s the epitome of God’s love. Little boys go to their mother for care and concern and live with the expectation that she can make anything better again. Their mother is who shows them love in the first place.


If God blesses you with a mother, or someone who treated you like their own, He has blessed you with something that will last a lifetime. Mothers deserve more than just a day to recognize them, but take a moment today, or two, and wrap those arms around your mother or the special lady in your life and remind her of the love she has given you.


Fayth Lore
Fayth Lore and her mom, Sandy

Fayth Lore of the Lore Family truly knows the leadership and guidance of having a special mother. I asked Fayth the following questions, to which you can feel the reality of their relationship, and the love and respect she holds for her mother.

What do you admire most about your mother?

“There are so many things that I admire about my mother. It’s hard to pick just one. Anyone who knows Sandy Lore knows that she loves God, and she loves her family. Mom isn’t the type of person who just lives for Jesus on Sundays and on stage. She lives for Him each day and behind the scenes when nobody’s watching. One thing I have always appreciated about my mother is that she is as real as they come. She’s not a fake person. She sincerely cares about people and hurts when they hurt. I’ve watched her talk to individuals after concerts and later write their name down on her prayer board that she prays over daily. She is a woman of faith.


“She is absolutely hilarious when you get to know her and extremely sarcastic, but she’s never been afraid to let me see her hard days. She’s allowed me to be her best friend, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I share pretty much every detail of my life with my mother, because I have confidence in her discrepancy, advice and love. She’s always told me that she loves me, but she’s never shied away from telling me when I’m wrong. She is the epitome of class, but she knows how to cut up and have a good time.”


Fayth Lore and the Lore FamilyWhat is it like singing on stage with your mother?


“It is something special to have the opportunity to sing with my family on stage. Not very many young women get that chance. We’re a pretty normal, average family. We all drive each other crazy, but that’s what makes road trips so fun. Hah. We say that we’re like a three-ring circus, and it’s probably true. In the end, I know that family is the most precious possession that God has given me on this side of Heaven. I wouldn’t trade singing next to my crazy bunch, for the world.


“At our latest teen girl conference, True Purpose Girls Conference 2017, Mom and I both caught eyes while singing a duet together on one of our latest songs, “Many Sparrows” (written by Marcia Henry). Looking each other in the eye, we both began to tear up. Later, we discussed what was running through our minds as we caught eyes, and we discovered that we were thinking the same thing. The lyrics say, “You are worth more than many sparrows. It’s important that you know, God knows exactly where you are. And you, don’t be afraid about tomorrow. For no matter where you go, God goes. He is looking out for many sparrows.” Running through both of our minds was the thought of how special the other person is. The quality time that I get to spend with my mom every weekend, I’m sure I take for granted many of times. But, I will never forget our special moments that God gives us.”


Of all the amazing traits your mother has, what do you feel is her best?


“Her hazel eyes. She does have beautiful eyes, but in all seriousness, my mom has a pure heart. Like I said, she is just real with people. When people come to her with questions or prayer requests, she always tries to sympathize with them and takes time to listen. If there is an issue, she’s not very good at sweeping it under the rug. She believes in getting things into the light, because the truth will set you free. We always say that if someone is going to get hurt or sick in the family, it will be mom. We say it’s because she’s the most spiritual one of the four of us, and Satan is trying to take her out. But, she has full faith in the power of God. She’s not afraid to pray about anything and believe what she’s praying for.”


What trait(s) does your mother possess that you hope to exemplify one day for yourself?


“Her faith and her class. Mom and Dad both grew up at the same church, up the holler. We’re country as cornbread as they say. Maybe not that country, but we do live in Southern Ohio. My mother is a classy woman, and she believes in taking care of yourself and looking your best. But, she also showed Samuel and I how to make Indian War paint with river water and river rock. She’d smear it on our cheeks when we were younger, and we’d pretend like we were Indians. I hope to have her sincerity and faith someday. I tend to be too analytical and downcast about situations or goals. But, when Mom claims something in Jesus’ name, she believes it wholeheartedly.”

Fayth Lore

If you could give your mother one thing, what would it be?


“My mom isn’t the type of person who places a high value on material things. She’s sentimental, and appreciates nice gifts. But, she never asks for much at all. Her favorite place is home, surrounded by family and friends … and chocolate. I will say, that she does long to see some of her close relatives saved. If I could give that to her, I would. But, as we know, salvation is from the Lord. He is the One who does the work to change people’s lives.”


How does your mother keep ministry real and constant in your family? How does she strengthen your family?


“My father is the spiritual leader of our home, but my mom is the glue that holds us all together. She is the one who reminds us to read our Bibles, pray every day and to pay our tithes. She encourages us to keep clean hands and a pure heart before every concert. She said that it is our job to help usher people into worship, and we have to make sure that our hearts are in the right place before we make our way to a stage. Mom encourages us to be kind to one another too. Sometimes, we’re nice to every stranger that we meet in concerts, and we can be pretty mean to one another. Maybe it’s just a family thing. But, when we get out of hand, she brings us back to reality, and tries to put things on a spiritual level.


“I have some incredible memories of spending time with my mother. She always said that her highest calling was being a mother, and I am so grateful for the time I’ve gotten to spend with her throughout the years. When I was in grade school, I would jump off the school bus and run into the house to watch ‘Little House on the Prairie’ with mom on the Hallmark channel. When I was really little, Mom and I would have mommy/daughter days. She and I would make pictures with pastel crayons. I still have those same broken crayons in my bedroom. I remember coming home one day from volleyball practice, and I was totally broken hearted. Some of the girls had made some rude comments about me that could have hurt my reputation. That day, mom looked me in the eye, and told me to stop letting others push me down. ‘You are no better than them, and they are no better than you. You are my girl, but you are also God’s girl.’ The most admirable lesson that my mom has shown me, has been how to love Jesus and to love others with pure love. If it wasn’t for my mother, I would most definitely not be the woman that I am today.”


Vonda Easley and her mom, Margaret Turner
Vonda Easley and her mom, Margaret Turner

Vonda Easley is an example of motherhood in more ways than one.  Her inspiration for her own mother is nothing short of amazing. However, she also has the amazing role of playing not only daughter, but mom to her own children and Nonna to her grandchildren. Vonda’s answers to my questions place a new perspective on truly following in your own Godly mother’s footsteps and making her proud with the life you are living.


What do you admire most about your mother?


“What I admire most about my mother is her honesty. She has always told the truth, even if it would have been easier not to. I remember her having many talks with me as a young girl about trust and how important it is to be trustworthy.”


What are some of your best memories with your mother?


“My daddy always gave my momma grocery money each week. She and I would go to the grocery store. We bought everything that was 4/$1 so we could go buy us a new outfit. Daddy never noticed as far as I know. We had lots of laughs about our secret.


Of all the amazing traits your mother has, what do you feel is her best?


“I would have to say that mother’s best trait is her ability to forgive. She will get mad, but she is over it by the time she has said her peace. She doesn’t hold grudges.”


What trait(s) does your mother possess that you hope to exemplify one day for yourself?


“I would love to think that I am forgiving the way my mother is and that I am a good friend to others the way she is.”


If you could give your mother one thing, what would it be?


“If I could give my mother one thing, I’d give her back my daddy. My daddy was an amazing man and he loved momma with all his heart. Her life changed and so did our families when my daddy passed away. Heaven truly gained an angel.”


How does your mother keep ministry real and constant in your family? How does she strengthen your family? Your faith?


“Mother loves gospel music. She will sing even in the mall while shopping. She is in the nursing home now in our hometown. There, she attends singings and bible studies. She loves the Lord, and you can see that if you spend any time with her. She gives us all hope. If you visited her, you would wonder why she is in the nursing home. She was lonely after daddy passed away. She checked herself in. I’m not kidding. She truly loves all of her friends there. She is a strong woman, and my faith is strengthened by watching her trust God in her circumstance.”


What was your first feeling when you found out you were going to be a mother?


“I was scared a little, but I was more excited than scared. I remember looking at my first-born (child) and thinking now I know how much my mother loves me. Wow.”


What is your greatest joy in being a grandmother?


“The greatest joy in being a grandmother is watching my daughter with them. She is a wonderful Godly example for my grandbabies to follow. Also, I love it that Priscilla and Eli both love to sing.”


What do you hope your children and grandchildren see the most of in you?

“I hope they see and feel the love I have in my heart for them.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

By Sarah Murray

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in May 2017


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