Update From The Lore Family

Pray For The Lore Family
Pray For The Lore Family

We had some uplifting and encouraging news at the hematologist, this afternoon. Fayth Lore’s hemoglobin has basically stabilized. However, it is still too low; meaning Fayth is anemic. She is beautiful, though pale. Fayth still has a low BP. But, she had NO temperature at the Doctor’s office. Her white blood cell count is NORMAL! But, her IRON level is very low. So, Fayth will began a four week, IV therapy of receiving iron. At this point, we are not going to have to have a blood transfusion. Thankfully, our schedule permits a four week therapy. God knows what He’s doing.

Overall, Fayth feels much better today. Her headaches are slowing subsiding. And, she has an increase of strength. Today is Sandy Lore’s birthday. So, Fayth feels like celebrating some.

Our entire family cannot wait to get back on stage, ministering. We miss worshiping with friends. This is our purpose and calling. We hope to get back on the road this weekend, Lord willing. But, we will not push Sis. Fayth will be babied, for sure. She has been pressing through these symptoms for months. It just caught up with her last weekend. WE greatly appreciate your prayers, love and support. It’s good to know that people genuinely believe in our family ministry. WE can’t wait to be in service with you, soon. We’re ready!

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