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It Came To Pass by Dr. Jeff Steele

Written by Staff on October 3, 2014 – 1:35 pm -

The Steeles

The Steeles

In Luke’s gospel account we have the longest of the four gospels and the most thorough. In its pages we find the story of the Good Samaritan, the ten lepers that Jesus healed (out of which only one returned to say thanks), the Prodigal Son, the rich man and Lazarus, and the two men on the road to Emmaus. Of course we also read of the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection which sealed His purpose which Luke also reveals for us and that was to seek and to save that which was lost!

It is possible that some of the most stirring words Luke wrote are found in Luke 2:1 where in the first words of that chapter he pens this: “And it came to pass…” In the original language that line is actually, “Then it happened!” Any lady out there who has ever carried a child for nine months knows the excitement of those words. I guess about the maddest I ever saw my wife was the time when the doctor told her to come for the next visit with her suitcase because “after the exam this time we are going to admit you to the hospital.” That was on a Friday. Instead, when she got there he informed her that the hospital was indeed filled to capacity. He said “If you were in labor they would find a place for you,” but since she was to be induced she would have to wait until Monday. Needless to say I spent that weekend watching movies I never had heard of starring folks I didn’t even know existed.

It doesn’t matter whether we are in the middle of the battle, burden or situation. Whether it is sickness, heartache, or financial strain, a problem with our kids, talk going on about us, confusion or some lack that we are experiencing. It could be a midnight we are facing, a valley or just a place that we don’t want to be the promise of scripture is that it won’t last forever. Scripture says when we pass through the fire we will not be burned. When we go through the flood we will not be overtaken. The “bad stuff” will not last forever. It did not come to stay; it came to pass!

The Children of Israel were in bondage under Pharaoh for over 400 years but that was not their ultimate destiny. It came to an end; it came to “pass.” They wandered in the wilderness for 40 years but the plan for their lives was not to be a band of wandering, desert-dwelling nomads. Their wandering ended when they inherited the precious plains of the Promised Land! The wandering they endured to get there didn’t come to stay. It was not their destiny and it came to “pass!”

They looked for a messiah for hundreds of years to come and deliver them. Every sacrifice they made pointed to the day when Messiah would someday come. In Galatians 4:4 Paul writes: “When the fullness of time was come God sent forth His son made of a woman…” Romans 5:6 says, “For when we were yet without strength, IN DUE TIME Christ died for the ungodly.” Here Luke writes to those looking for the fulfillment of this messianic promise and says, “It’s time!” Deliverance has come. God has spoken. “I told you,” He says …Weeping has endured for a night but now JOY has come in the morning in the form of a Baby in Bethlehem. You wandered, wondered and wept but “unto you is born this day, in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord!”

By Dr. Jeff Steele

Published July2014 in SGN Scoops Magazine. For current issues visit

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Steeles Name Matthew Thompson As New Singer

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 12, 2014 – 10:59 am -



THE STEELES are excited to be beginning a new chapter in life and ministry!  About a year and a half ago Sherry and Jeff Steele joined forces with long time friend Andrew Ishee and began performing a series of dates called Monumental Monday’s with THE STEELES.  Jeff states “I was The Senior Pastor at our church and Andrew was the Worship pastor at his church and we arrived at Monday as about the only date we COULD work.  None of the three of us ever had any intention, nor did we ever even talk about ever doing this full-time again.  The dates were a resounding success but even THAT never became a conversation about going back full-time.  We were having too much fun!

The Lord began to deal with Sherry and I about going back.  We asked Andrew what HE thought and after some prayerful consideration he decided that (with he and his wife Sheree having two small children) the time was just not right for him.  There are absolutely NO hard feelings.  We could not love Drew any more than we do…still talk every day and are so happy for the time we shared together.”  Andrew says…”I DO love Sherry and Jeff.  I have known them all my life.  We have had a blast!  I am thrilled to see them take this opportunity to minister full-time on the road again.  I just feel like (and I learned this from Dr. Steele) that my most important ministry (at this time in life ) is to be a godly father to my two little girls and a “present” husband to my wife Sheree.   I will still do some of my piano concerts as the schedule allows and I will pray for the ministry of THE STEELES!”

THE STEELES conducted a nationwide search for a new singer and landed on another life-long family friend Matthew Thompson.  Matthew has sung previously and most recently with The Men of Music!  His brother Landon was a member of the group Testify and is now serving a church in Houston, TX.  He heard about the opening and recommended that Matthew try out for the position.  Sherry says “we are excited about this step of faith and trust the Lord for our future as we walk through this new door.”  Keep up with THE STEELES singing and preaching ministry @ and through Facebook and Twitter

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The Steeles Return To The Road Full Time

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 6, 2014 – 1:38 pm -

jeff steele

jeff steele

Big news from the land of THE STEELES!! Per Jeff Steele…”On August 31st I painfully informed my church in Cullman, AL that as of September 14th I would be stepping down as Senior Pastor there. It has been a very rewarding nine years that we spent in that position and we have been blessed beyond measure with God’s richest blessings. We had the honor of leading 3 new building programs during our time here and saw hundreds join and many were saved. We meant to stay until we retired.

BUT GOD! When God says GO you’d better not sit still and God very clearly revealed to Sherry and myself that the time had come to start a new chapter in our ministry. At age 55 I am very well aware that this will be my “last lap” around the track. Now I pray that it will be a long, healthy, useful trip but it IS the last one for me. We have decided to return to the road. We want to minister to as many people as possible in the time we have left to do so. Please pray with us about this new season of our lives. Our desire is to help grow the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ. I will continue preaching in conferences and revival meetings. The Steeles will still sing. Many churches are planning giant Harvest Sunday’s with THE STEELES featuring preaching that morning and a concert that night!

If you are interested in having THE STEELES for a service in your church contact us today at 256-590-2068! There have been so many dates we have had to turn down because of our pastoral duties and we are now free to minister most anytime…most anywhere. Our heart is in the church and we look forward to ministering in your area soon.

I just wanted to get the official word out immediately so you could know where we are and what we are doing. Again…pray for us and we will see YOU…ON THE ROAD!”

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SGNScoops Magazine Presents Today’s Gospel Music Volume One

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on June 4, 2014 – 12:40 pm -

scoopscovercd2forwebSGN Scoops, your destination for the latest in Gospel music news and information, is pleased to present SGNScoops Magazine Volume One…great new music from some of your favorite artists. Hear cuts from Creekside Gospel Music Convention artists like Ava Kasich, Clayton Watson, Faith’s Journey, Hope’s Journey, Lindsay Huggins, Omega Quartet, Page Trio, The Steeles, The Williamsons and Tina Wakefield. You will be blessed and your heart will be touched by the music on this album. Get your copy today!

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SGN Scoops Radio for Week of March 3, 2014

Written by Staff on March 4, 2014 – 1:33 pm -

Ava Kasich

Ava Kasich

On this week’s edition of the program we have great gospel music from Guy Penrod, the Kingdom Heirs and the Hoppers. We also play classic music from the Mullins, Mended Wings, and feature bluegrass music from Newtown. We have the new single from The Steeles and their concept video is our video of the week. Join us as Jean Grady has a CD review of The Inmans and and interview with Danny Riley of Gold City. Our featured artist this week is Ava Kasich. Make sure to join us for two hours of great fun on SGN Scoops Radio!

Featured artist Ava Kasich started singing professionally at the age of three and was featured in local churches in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. Ava loves the Lord with all her heart and it shows in her anointed singing! She also has an incredible testimony of God’s healing power in her body. Ava won the 2012 Beacon Award for Soloist Of The Year and her new single, “Stones” won the 2012 Beacon Award for Song Of The Year. For more information on Ava visit

Video Of The Week: The Steeles present “We’re All Human”

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Jonathan Edwards

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But God New Music From The Steeles

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 24, 2013 – 2:41 pm -

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