Jubilee Christmas Interview On the Couch With Fouch

imageI love the Christmas season. It is the most wonderful time of the year and I can’t wait for it to roll around every year. We get the opportunity to travel in the Jubilee Christmas tour and it is a blast of a trip! This year, I took a few minutes and asked most of the Jubilee gang a Christmas question. I hope you enjoy this Jubilee Christmas edition of On the Couch With Fouch.


Matt Fouch
Matt Fouch

Matt Fouch releases a video interview with various artists on a regular basis, with the title “On The Couch With Fouch.” As the bass singer with Legacy Five, Matt has been a part of Jubilee Christmas for several years. Matt talks with various members of Legacy Five, Booth Brothers, and Greater Vision.

We hope you enjoy this edition of On The Couch With Fouch.

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On the couch with fouch