A Special Message from Lily Fern Weatherford

1qA Special Message from Lily Fern Weatherford
January 12, 2013

After much prayer and thought, my years of traveling with the Weatherfords will be coming to a close at the end of May, 2013. I turned 84 this past November, and have just celebrated my 70th year in full time ministry. i will be making our annual Florida tour that will last through February as well as one more tour to California and once that is completed at the end of May, I will be retiring. I have sold my home in Paoli, OK and will be moving to Broken Arrow, OK, where my daughter, Susan, and her husband Tim are living.

I feel that this is what the Lord wants for my life at this time. Over the past several years, there have been so many changes in the economy and and state of the country that it has become financially unfeasible for me to continue on in the same manner of ministry. Churches and pastors have changed their way of ministry and are not supporting the Southern Gospel groups as they have in the past. The Weatherfords have always depended on the church and free will love offerings to keep us going. Fuel prices are outrageous as well as other costs of keeping on the road. All these things have caused me to come to this decision.

Steve is planning to continue in some form. He will be making announcements as to the future of the Weatherfords. Steve has been faithful to the Weatherfords for 37 years and he wishes to carry on. I would appreciate it if you would support him as you have supported us with your love and prayers. You can contact him through his website at theweatherfords.com.

Please come out to these final dates and see us if you possible can. Our schedule is at www.lilyweatherford.com. I will be putting updates on my website, as well as on my Facebook page.


Lily Fern Weatherford