Ava Kasich to Appear in Radio Showcase at NQC

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Award-winning, Texas native and soloist, Ava Kasich, is experiencing positive response with her latest single, “Stones,” and scheduled to perform in a Patterson Promotions Radio/DJ Appreciation Showcase at the National Quartet Convention in Lousiville, KY, September 2012. The song was released on Patterson Promotions Vol. 7 radio comp disc and landed in the hands of hundreds of DJ’s and program managers across the nation. “Stones” has made its way up to the #1 position on two industry charts. Ava has received the Branson Gospel Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year title among other national awards. For a free press kit on Ava, contact Ray Cooper or Evie Hawkins:
Office@EHA-Nashville.com, Info on Patterson Promotions DJ/Radio Showcase: www.PattersonPromotions.com, Info on the National Quartet Convention: http://natqc.com
Contact Ava Kasich directly:
918 Bois D’ Arc Whitesboro, Texas 76273