Beyond the Song: Exodus Sings The Blues Away

Exodus 2020Beyond the Song with Exodus by Jantina Baksteen

I caught up with Susan Brady of Exodus for this interview. They have this happy song recently sent to radio called, “Sing The Blues Away,” and that whistling part made me curious to know more of this group.

Thanks to Susan Brady for joining me in this interview.


Jantina Baksteen: Can you introduce your group to the readers of SGNScoops?

Susan Brady: Of course! Susan Brady, Mary Scott, Hannah Brady and Cole Watson make up Exodus.


JB: How and when did your group Exodus get started? 

SB: It was 2011, Easter morning at our home church. Mike Watson, myself, and Mary Scott, sang together for the first time. Several months later we decided to make it official by giving ourselves a name.


JB: Why is your group called Exodus?

SB: Exodus means ”to exit.”

God used Moses to set his people free from bondage under the evil hand of Pharaoh. God used Joshua to finish the task Moses began and led the people into Canaan, the land God promised them. This is a beautiful picture of how a lost sinner is in bondage to sin. 

God sent his Son (our Joshua), Jesus, to set us free. If we accept who God sent as our payment for sin, we too, will enter the land God has promised us: Heaven. 

ExodusJB: A lot of groups are from Alabama, what makes you unique?

SB: There are actually several groups that are based in Gadsden, Ala.

We are honored to be among them. 

I believe all groups have a personality. When you put two or more people together, all with different personalities, you become unique because you are different than any other.


JB: You have a great song on radio called  “SingThe Blues Away,” off of your “Happy” album. Why did you choose to record this song?

SB:  ”Sing The Blues Away,” is on this album because it is a fun song with a great message.

When Jesus comes into our hearts and lives, we are changed forever. We have a new song; a new story to share. As a child of God, we have access to the greatest songs ever written about a Savior who can pick us up when we’re down. By just singing about him, and to him, we can literally “Sing The Blues Away!”

This song was written by Susan Brady and Phil Cross.

Listen to Exodus perform their latest song, “Sing the Blues Away:”



JB: Who is the whistler in this song?

SB: I’m (Susan Brady) doing the whistling.


JB: The CD is called “Happy.” Why?

SB: We had just been through a hard time losing Mike Watson to cancer. Although we missed him, it brought us comfort knowing he was healed and with the Lord. Mary was expecting Elizabeth while we were finishing up the new project. She was a long-awaited addition to the Exodus family. 

So many songs on the CD reflect the title! And so did our lives at that time.


JB: What is the message you share when you sing on stage?

SB:  We want to encourage Christians to keep serving the Lord. We want to point men, women and children to Jesus Christ.


JB: How can we still be happy as daily life brings struggles along our way?

SB: Happy simply means blessed. Count your blessings.


JB: Do you have a testimony to share?

SB: This Bill  Gaither  song sums it all up for me.

“If you could see what I once was

If you could go with me

back to where I started from

I know you would see 

A miracle of love that took me in it’s sweet embrace 

and made me what I am today, 

A Sinner Saved by Grace!” 1


JB: What’s ahead for Exodus in the near future?

SB: We are continuing on, sharing the message of Jesus Christ.


JB: What message would you like to share regarding COVID-19?

SB: I do think we should stay away from big crowds so not to contract and spread this virus. 

However, God is still God and he’s still on the throne! 

Psalms 56: 3 “At what time I am afraid I will trust in him.”

The Lord told us to comfort one another with the words that he is coming back in I Thess.4:16-18. 

He said to be of good cheer for he has overcome the world in John 16:33.

In Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus  himself gives us a personal invitation to come and rest. 

So, until his return, let’s place our trust in him, not stressing but resting.


JB: Where can we find you on the web?

SB: You can find Exodus on Facebook: HERE

Website: HERE

Instagram: HERE

Email: HERE

Thank you Susan for sharing your ministry with SGNScoops. We hope that you can soon go back on the road to serve the Lord sharing the Gospel in song to those who are lost or need to be encouraged.

By Jantina Baksteen

Jantina Baksteen is a regular contributor to SGNScoops Magazine.

1. “Sinner Saved by Grace” – Songwriters:  Gloria Gaither / William J. Gaither / Mitch  Saved by Humphries. Sinner Saved by Grace lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Capitol Christian Music Group

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