bowling newNashville, TN ~ Mike and Kelly Bowling are excited to announce the addition of a live band to their road dates.  This news comes as the group is poised to announce their 5th #1 song as “The Bowling Family” and their 28th career #1, collectively.  “I Know Enough” is the #1 song for December on multiple charts, including The Singing News.

Mike tells us, “Kelly and I have been blessed to have had radio support for many years.  Without radio, the seats would be empty and the bus would be idle.  Our friends at radio have been faithful and we owe them any and all accolades for this song.  Marcia (Henry) and Belinda (Smith) wrote this song when we were recovering form the bus accident.  It is extra special to Kelly and I.”

Kelly says, “The seasons change, but great songs remain a constant.  We are thankful for writers that still write our style and understand what we want to say.  We are also abundantly happy this week with our new band members.  In Hendersonville, TN there is an excitement in the air!!!  In my opinion, we are on the brink of a “youth” resurgence in Southern Gospel Music, like the early Crabb Family days!!! I am excited, and so are my girls!!”

Mike explains, “We have wanted to be that “live” group that was reminiscent of our musical backgrounds and heritage.  Kelly and I both grew up in musical families and traveled with live bands until a few years ago.  It’s rare to find people that blend so well musically and personally, so we feel very blessed today! I am thrilled to announce that my nephew, Blake Bowling, and Logan Rodgers will be on stage with us beginning this weekend! We feel this is the new face of our family!”

It appears the Bowling Family will be one of the youngest, if not THE youngest groups on the road, with Hope age 14, Logan age 21, Blake age 21, and a very youthful Kelly and Mike, along with John Jeffrey on piano.  Additionally, Katelanne (11) and Gracie (8) are featured nightly and make the future of this family very bright.

Hope adds, “I am pumped about traveling with my cousin, Blake, and can’t wait for everyone to hear his talent.  There’s something so cool about traveling with family!”  Kelly confirms, “Nothing could make us happier to announce! I believe in family and I believe in togetherness, especially in Ministry! The addition of Blake and Logan makes me especially happy, just to know that we are giving them their first glance at family road ministry.  It seems like yesterday I was getting on a bus for the first time…with my family, with no real clue where that road would take me.  These boys are both amazing Christians with amazing talents and that’s a combination that works!  To say we are excited would be such an understatement, but I will say it anyway!  WE ARE EXCITED!”

Hope adds, “Come out and see us.  You will love these these guys!”

Blake is the son of Jeff and Kim Bowling from Knoxville, Tennessee. Logan is the son of David and Denise Rodgers from Forrest City, Arkansas.

The Bowling Family is exclusively represented by The Beckie Simmons Agency, and are awaiting their first Daywind recording, due to release in early 2015. Booking: The Beckie Simmons Agency