Canton Junction Appears in Israel

NASHVILLE, TENN. (April 5, 2012) – Canton Junction, the brand-new quartet consisting of Matthew Hagee, Aaron Crabb, Michael Sykes and Tim Duncan, recently returned from an amazing trip to Israel. The group performed at the Jordon River, in Jerusalem, and prior to a speech from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Members Aaron Crabb and Tim Duncan were moved and shared their thoughts. “There’s something very special about touring Israel,” commented Aaron Crabb. “It doesn’t feel like just a place to visit. It feels more like home!” Bass singer Tim Duncan shared, “It stirred a hunger inside of me that makes me want to experience more of God.”

Canton Junction records for Difference Media Group based in San Antonio, TX .Difference Media Group, led by Vice President and producer Michael Sykes, was formed by Matthew Hagee to reach the world through the powerful message of gospel music.

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