Chris Hester needs our prayers

Chris Hester

Gospel singer Chris Hester had a lucky Friday the 13th. He said he would welcome our prayers. He tells SGNScoops his experiences:

I would love for people to pray for me. The Lord is the only thing that will get me through this.

On Friday, Sept 13th, I went in with chest pains and was immediately tested and rushed in for emergency heart surgery. I had been having chest pains weeks prior and doctors believe sometime during that time I had a heart attack. I am very lucky to still be here according to the cardiologist.

Chris Hester


They were able to open 3 of 4 blockages. They are treating the 4th with medication and will go back in for a second surgery if the medication doesn’t help open it. I feel very lucky and as if God has given me a second chance. He is truly a God of second chances.

Ironically, a week before this happened, I had just began laying out songs for a 4th album due to be out in 2020 called “Second Chances.” I appreciate continued prayers for days ahead as I fight heart disease and making a lifestyle change in my diet and exercise.

I do believe God is good even in the hard times. He promised He will never leave us or forsake us. I covet your prayers in days ahead.

Chris Hester

Please pray for Chris Hester for good health.

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