Crimson Road Productions Invites Southern Gospel Music Fans to Take the Your Walk Talks Blog Tour

MarkGADSDEN, AL (January 21, 2014) – Crimson Road Productions announces a unique online media event for fans of Southern Gospel Music, the first of its kind to take place in the SGM genre!  Starting Tuesday, January 21, fans will be able to participate in the Your Walk Talks Blog Tour which features the record label’s maiden voyage release from The Mark Trammell Quartet.  This tour will end on January 28.

The Your Walk Talks Blog Tour will begin on The Mark Trammel Quartet’s Blog found online at: , and continue on to four other premier blog sites within the genre, each featuring a “piece of the puzzle” so to speak.  In order to make this a unique experience for the fans, each of the blog posts will feature an interview with one of the MTQ members that will give exclusive insight into their thoughts of the new project.  In addition, each blogger was asked to tell us a personal story relating to The Mark Trammell Quartet.  At the end of each Your Walk Talks Blog post, the reader will find a link to “continue the tour” on to the next site featuring another group member.  Upon completion of the tour, readers will have the option to leave feedback.  Those choosing to do so will have a chance to win a free signed copy of the new release, Your Walk Talks.  Winner will be announced on January 29, 2014.

Crimson Road Productions is a record label committed to artists and building their awareness.  Founded by Jeff Haney and Mark Trammell, Crimson Road Productions is an independent label that has a genuine passion to meet the needs of the artists and produce quality music that will reach people for Christ.  There is no rigid timeline; the plan is to build the label naturally on the quality of the artists, building the label one artist at a time.

For information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Lynn Mills at Lynn(at)  Visit The Mark Trammell Quartet online at