Cross Pointe Families Need Your Help

Cross Pointe Trio
Cross Pointe Trio

The Cross Pointe Church recently had an outbreak of botulism and the story has reached national media outlets.

[See: One dead, 23 others sick from suspected botulism at Ohio church on]

Cross Pointe Church in Lancaster, OH
Cross Pointe Church in Lancaster, OH

Pastor Bill Pitts writes: “We need help in a great way with over 25 being hospitalized with all levels of medical needs. We have also seen great miracles. I took one man home last night from one of the six hospitals that our people are in. He “walked out” of ICU straight to my car.

“We have set up a Cross Pointe Family Relief Fund [see below for information.]

“I am also part of Cross Pointe Southern Gospel group. In fact, Debbie Wright, a singer in our group, has been in the hospital all week.

“Cross Pointe will be seeing you at Creekside this year and we believe healing will have taken place and we will be stronger than ever.” 

Please send donations today to:

Cross Pointe Family Relief Fund

657 E. Main Street

Lancaster, Ohio 43130