DOMINION AGENCY WELCOMES CARMAN TO ARTIST ROSTERWaynesville, NC – Carman Licciardello, known world-wide as “Carman,” has signed an exclusive booking agreement with Dominion Agency. Born in Trenton, New Jersey, Carman began playing drums at age 5, guitar at age 15 and began singing at age 16. He studied acting at the Abbey Playhouse in Philadelphia. In 1973, Carman loaded up his green Chevy Vega and drove off to Las Vegas to begin his adventure in show business. During an Andrae Crouch concert, Carman was so moved that he accepted Christ, radically changing his life and the direction of his career, while enraging those in the secular world who awaited a decision on offers made.


Carman is an enigma in Christian music, often described as part evangelist and part Vegas Showman. His concerts, each filled with lights, music, preaching, clapping, dancing and singing have filled some of the largest stadiums in the world and are known to draw as many as 5,000 people to the counseling area to accept Christ. In fact, Carman holds the record for the largest Christian concert ever in Dallas, Texas. The Texas Stadium was filled with 71,132 people. He is more than just an A-list artist. Carman is a cultural phenomenon. His style is not duplicated or even attempted by any other artist of any genre. He has 15 gold and platinum albums and videos and has sold over 10 million records. His music spans the ages, touching hearts both young and old.


Carmen. The FlagIn 2013, Carman was diagnosed with myeloma and given a prognosis of only three to four years to live. In December 2013, Carman was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments. By early 2014, Carman was declared free of cancer. He claims healing in the name of Jesus and takes that promise to audiences all over the world as he shares the hope of Christ.


Carman is on the road with his “Legacy Tour” thrilling fans with his greatest hits and reviving worship experiences through music, dance and drama. His West Coast Tour will kick off November 1, 2019. It goes without saying that still, to this day, Carman defies description and definition and remains a true American original.


July 2019 SGNScoops Magazine Editors Last Word by Lorraine Walker

Michael Davis, Dominion Agency’s President, shared, “It is such a joy and an honor to represent Carman and work with churches and promoters all over the world as we share the excitement his ministry brings to what can only be considered a true worship experience.”


To learn more about Dominion Agency and their artists, visit: or call (828) 454-5900.  Visit Carman’s website to learn more and hear his current single, The Flag, released with a full orchestra and male quartet:

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