Duffield’s Staying Busy with LOL Tour

EHA-Nashville, TN} The powerful, and multi-awarded duet, Jeff & Sue Duffield, will take Sue’s LOL Tour to Turning Point Assembly of God Church in Murfreesboro, TN, Oct 17, 10:30 a.m. Since the early 70s,the Duffields have been creating inspiring music. Their rich, layered compositions now span over 30 albums. Sue, with her incredible vocal ability, and Jeff, a powerful keyboardist, perform a jazz and soul influenced Gospel with their backing band that is brilliantly crafted and uplifting. The Duffields had been perfecting this worship sound for nearly a decade before it became popular. Currently, they are touring the country, both breathing new life into classic hymns and energizing audiences with original music. The LOL Tour (taken from a humorous, uplifting song Sue penned) stands for Laughing out Loud. The song typically gets the audience clapping and even sometimes line-dancing. Fan, Rhea Trosper says, “Some simply leap for joy, as the Duffield tour is a high-energizer for those who need to have their batteries recharged!” Both Jeff and Sue are also adding individual ministry appearances to their schedules. In these instances, they will be appearing separately in order to testify of their own experiences as well as delight the crowd with uplifting song. Bookings: http://www.duffieldmusic.com/ or EHA-Nashville