Exciting News From Ernie Haase!

Lifeway Christian Bookstores have stepped up to the plate in their support of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and our brand new label StowTown Records. EHSS are featured in the music section on an end cap with a LIMITED EDITION AUTOGRAPHED CD for only $9.98!
This is really great news! Lifeway is supporting our brand-new label by not only featuring our newest release Here We Are Again, but also featuring The Collingsworth Family’s Part of the Family release on the end cap as well!
Now, here’s where I need YOUR HELP! Lifeway stepped up to the plate to support us, so let them know we support THEM!
DO YOU KNOW WHO SUPPORTS CHRISTIAN MUSIC AT CHRISTIAN RETAIL BOOKSTORES? CHRISTIANS!! So, head out TODAY to your local Lifeway Christian Bookstore and tell the sales associate: “I want the new ERNIE HAASE & SIGNATURE SOUND AUTOGRAPHED CD!”
Each store has a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY of these CD’s and when they’re gone, that’s it! So, DO NOT DELAY – Support your boys (EHSS & StowTown Records) and Christian Retail (LifeWay) and go out to buy your copy today!
Local retail is what makes America strong, and Christians need to support Local Christian retail stores. Let’s show Lifeway we support them in their support of StowTown Records!
I love you!

PS. To find a Lifeway store in your area, click here - Find A Store