Jordan's Bridge at WLOSGMH CONVENTION MARCH 2018
Jordan’s Bridge at WLOSGMH CONVENTION MARCH 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was in concert at a local Carolina gospel music venue. The restaurant features some great food and gospel music. Of course my mind went back to the Hallelujah Supper Club and what we did back in the day.

The concert was filled with lots of singing, laughing and plenty of fellowship. Afterwards a young man no more than 18 or 19, came up asking some questions about gospel music and the Singing Americans.
Of course we talked for a long time. Somehow we got to talking about radio and how gospel music has changed into today’s current delivery. Of course we all have our opinions on what we like and how stuff today is different than it was back in the day.
The young man’s conversation was more than just a passing interest. He is a true southern gospel music junkie. He began to tell me about his records that Granny had given him, even those he had bought. He shared how he had learned of the Statesmen, Stamps and Blackwood Brothers. He listed his own “All Star” quartet with JD Sumner, Jack Toney, Bill Shaw, Doy Ott and Jack Clark on piano.

Well, all of a sudden, I found out this gospel music enthusiast really was a diehard fan. That is some All Star Quartet he would put together. As our conversation ended I told him I would look forward to more talks about gospel music.  I also told him about the WLOSGMH Convention and thought he would love the history, stories, videos and vendors.

The WLOSGMH Convention provides a place for gospel music fans, collectors and historians to gather sharing the oral history of the people’s spiritual music, southern gospel. The stories handed down to those in attendance are truly the basis of continuing our music heritage.
Southern gospel music historians John Crenshaw, Harold Timmons, Hannah Kennedy and Ann Downing have assembled a Facebook presence of over forty thousand members in a group dedicated to nothing but southern gospel music and its heritage.
Stories, group photos, concert posters, videos, audio clips and collectible tid-bits are shared from the historians and moderators. Group members proudly show their memorabilia and music collections. And it is commons to see photos of purchased record finds from garage/ estate sales, the local thrift store or eBay.
Stories on the history of artists, quartets, concert happenings from back when, bus stories and such are fresh every day on the FB group-WE LOVE OUR SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC HISTORY.
Under toolage of John Crenshaw, the group boasts video and audio clips that are not found in many collectors treasures. John says, “This is fun to share what makes our music so special. The videos are treasures rarely seen in recent years and unique to our FB group page. The history and stories we share give a perspective to gospel music, the singers and their legacy.”
Harold Timmons and Ann Downing provide a performers view of the history and are detailed with facts and stories of the Speers, Downings, Chuck Wagon Gang, Hemphills, Barnetts and Sheltons.  While Hannah Kennedy is devout in finding those classic video/ audio clips, photos and tid bits of information of artists that left an unsung mark in gospel music.
Other gospel music enthusiasts, collectors and artists share their stories, memorabilia, photos and collectibles with the growing FB gospel group. From far and wide people are sharing that special connection in gospel music with others.
The annual pilgrimage to the Nashville area has become a ritual that encompasses the avid gospel music fan, young and old alike. This year, the WLOSGMH Convention returns March 26 and 27, 2018 to the Murfreesboro, TN Clarion Hotel Ballrooms. Already the buzz is happening in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia areas.
Festivities kick off on Monday with 5:30pm dinner and a 7:00 pm concert. Tuesday Morning activities include shopping, conversation, stories followed by lunch. With afternoon activities including funny stories, show and tell, gospel music movies, possibly pictures, etc., The Tuesday Evening Concert at 6:00 PM. Times subject to change.
Convention Admission: $119 per adult, Children: Half Price, One Day/Night $60
Includes two meals, two concerts, and all other activities. Socializing among friends is a big part of this event. WLOSGMH Convention is an internet social. NO REFUNDS after February 26th.
Just announced CONCERT ONLY TICKETS – $20 per night available on a first come, first served basis made available the week before the event.
The performing artists for the 2018 convention includes Chuck Wagon Gang (Monday only), Sherman Andrus, Ann Downing, The Sheltons (Monday only), Jeanne Johnson, Sue Dodge, Charlie Griffin, Jordan’s Bridge, Eddie Crook, Bill Kelley, John Wyrick, Joyce Black West (of the Speer Family, Jonathan Wilburn, Ellen Marsh, Ed Hill, Songfellows Quartet, Administrators Quartet, and The Collectors Quartet, John Crenshaw, Hannah Kennedy and Harold Timmons. Rita Spillers will be providing dinner music at the piano. More will be added.
HOTEL RESERVATIONS. Hotel is not included in the Convention ticket pricing. Contact the Clarion Hotel asking for the special group rate. Call only this number for reservations: 615-896-2420 and ask to book under the group We Love Our Southern Gospel Music History. The rate is $85 plus tax, up to 4 people in a room.
An added event that leads into the WLOSGMH Convention is the 5th ANNUAL RUTHERFORD COUNTY RED BACK HYMNAL SINGING. It is on Saturday night, March 24th from 6-8 PM. It will be held at the Murfreesboro Missionary Baptist Church, 215 Fortress Blvd., Murfreesboro, TN. For more information contact Brad Taylor via Facebook. Folks attending this event may also book under the WLOSGMH Convention hotel group block. Admission to the Red Back Hymnal Sing is free.
For more WLOSGMH Convention information, reservations or concert tickets contact Harold Timmons via Facebook, email h.t@comcast.net, or call 615-885-8000 and leave a message.
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