Jason Clark needs our prayers

Jason Clark needs our prayersJason Clark of the Nelons is in need of our prayers after he was hurt by a horse. He explains in a Facebook post today:

“Update for those that have been asking what happened to me tonight.

Well here’s the story. After my day was finished I called my mom to check on my dad. I was going for my evening walk and went to the barn to check on a horse that has been skid dish. He was separated in a small corral and I was walking this horse with a walking rope, talking to him softly walking him in a circle. My phone was in my jacket and the ringer sounded and it spooked the horse. He turned kicking and bucking up and landed a good shot on my right knee. I was immediately sent to the ground, hit my head on the gate and crawled out of the corral. I could not put any weight on my right leg whatsoever and just laid there waiting for help.
I was home by myself and couldn’t move until the ambulance got there and took me to the hospital. X-Rays revealed I broke my knee and cracked a rib under my arm. I’m now home and going to orthopedic doctor tomorrow. I’m grateful for Stone Carter Autumn Clark and Kelly Nelon Clark for helping me all night. The pain is excruciating but it could’ve been a whole lot worse!! I’m frustrated at this set back but many are dealing with much much worse and I’ll be back soon. There are so many things we are engaged in to get the gospel literally around the world and I know we are in a spiritual battle. The Lord will receive glory through all of this and I am praying tonight His will be done.

Kelly Nelon and Jason Clark
Kelly Nelon and Jason Clark

Thanks for the concern and all the prayers.
I appreciate your love and support more than you’ll ever know.”

Jason’s wife, Kelly Nelon Clarke, writes a short time later:

Jason Clark“Well not the news we wanted but the doctor knows best. Surgery will be next week to repair the knee. We will continue to fulfill all of our dates just like before. Nathan Kistler will be filling in and we are thankful for that. Jason Matthew Clark will be back in no time. Thank you for your continued prayer and support. You are the best!”

Please continue to pray for Jason Clark and all of the Nelons.