Jason Clark needs prayer

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Jason Clark and the rest of The Nelons

Kelly Nelon Clark and all members of Christian music family, the Nelons, have been posting over the last couple of days about issues being experienced by their family. The most concerning is the heart problems that Jason Clark is currently experiencing. He certainly needs our prayer as he has been in and out of the hospital.

In his most recent post on Facebook, Jason explains the seriousness of his health problem.

Jason Clark and Kelly Nelon Clark
Jason Clark and Kelly Nelon Clark

“Quick Update:
My cardiologist let me come home last night. I will return tomorrow for a check up, and Tuesday to meet with the surgeon. All the “experts” tell me after the surgery and recovery that I will be feeling like a 20 year old again. I am still praying, seeking counsel, just because I am not so eager to have open heart surgery. I feel completely fine until I have a spasm and immediately I’m reminded I have a blood flow issue around my heart. I will be on the road this weekend and I am monitoring my bpm very closely. I have extremely low BP and my heart rate stays at a very calm rate but that’s normal for me even under stressful circumstances.
My stress test yesterday only got my bpm up to 154 and they wanted to monitor it at 175. Just couldn’t get it there.
Today I’m back in my office doing some work and hanging out at the farm.

Love you all and appreciate the prayers more than anything.” — Jason Clark — Nov. 21, 2019

Please join all of us in praying for this Godly man.