Jason Crabb books
Jason Crabb books
Grammy Winner’s ‘Dream Project’ Now Available at Lifeway Christian Stores and Independent Retailers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 11, 2016) – Grammy winner Jason Crabb has partnered with New Day Christian Distributers to make his “Jase® the Crabb” Children’s book series available to the Christian retail market. Lifeway Christian Stores and independent

Jason Crabb books
Jase Crabb

retailers will carry the series along with the “Jase® the Crabb” plush figure. The ten-book series follows the Ten Commandments and is a perfect way to teach children the basics of the Bible.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to write children’s books. It’s been a dream of mine to impact the lives of our most precious gift – our children,” says Jason. “Children are precious to us and to God! As a father, I know how important it is for those little eyes to read good, positive, material. The Jase® book series lets the reader know they are something special and that God created them with a purpose! I hope this will touch the hearts of children, parents, grandparents and anyone with a child in their life. All children need to know they are special!”
New Day President, Ed Leonard, comments: “New Day is excited to partner with Jason Crabb on the release of his new children’s’ books series. These beautifully illustrated books tell great stories about following God’s commandments for our lives, and the plush Jase® the Crabb figure is a must for any Crabb fan.”
The name of the character, Jase®, holds a special meaning to Crabb. Derived from the initials of his immediate family – J(ason) A(shleigh) S(hellye) E(mma) – the name is also what his late Grandfather would call him. “I would visit my grandfather in the summer months and help him around the farm. I can’t even remember how many times I heard him call out to me – “JASE, come on over here and help me out!” – it just seemed like a natural fit and a way to honor my grandfather.”
In addition to the ten-book series, children, parents and teachers can log on to www.JaseCrabb.com where they can print off curriculum, coloring pages, certificates of completion, learn about Jase® University and comment on the books. Along with Crabb, a team comprising of Donna Scuderi and Philip & Tina Morris played an integral role in contributing to the overall foundation and direction of the book series.
Award-winning illustrator Anita DuFalla’s vibrant visuals display the heart and soul of Jase® the Crabb and his friends. Anita’s clients include McGraw-Hill, Harcourt (Brace), Benchmark Education Company, and the Washington Post among others. “When I saw Anita’s work and witnessed her heart for this, I knew God had brought the right person to this project,” shares Crabb. “Her creativity and talent have brought my little buddy, Jase®, to life!”
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