Karen Peck and New River Awarded 5 Diamond Awards

From the Karen Peck and New River Newsletter of November 6, 2014

Hey Friends!
Last night (Tuesday) we won FIVE Diamond Awards from the SgnScoops Magazine!


-Album of the Year (REVIVAL),
  -Female Vocalist (Karen),
  -Mixed Group,
  -Song of the Year (Revival).

I know I have said it several times over the past few months but this album will always be one of our favorites. We had so many special “God” moments while recording the album and we are very thankful that our audience can feel our emotions through the songs. The radio DJ’s immediately embraced every single and together we made KPNR history with the two highest debuting songs ever (Finish Well, Revival) and also the fastest rise to the number one positions on the Southern Gospel charts. (We got home this morning at 3:30am and today, as well as last night at the awards show, I am battling vertigo!! So trust me….the Lord is making sure that I don’t get the big head!! Lol ) Here are quotes from Susan, Jeff, and me along with a few pictures from last night: Susan: We were so honored to win 5 Diamond Awards last night. I would like to thank everyone for your prayers and support!!!

Jeff: Last night was such a blessing to be at the Diamond Awards. We thank The Lord for newness this year—things that are fresh and new. Thanks to everyone who voted, and may God reveal new things for all of us to be thankful for this year!!!

Karen: We are so thankful to The Lord for this season in our ministry. We started the year off declaring REVIVAL all around this country. The Lord continues to show us His faithfulness. If one person is touched by something we say or sing, then it’s worth every mile that we travel. These awards are special ‘nuggets’ of encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who voted for us!! A special thanks to Rob Patz and SGN Scoops, Daywind Records, producer Wayne Haun, all of the songwriters (Kenna West and Don Poythress co-writers of Revival), Southern Gospel radio, AGPublicity, and The Harper Agency. It is a tremendous blessing to be a part of a great team of hard working people who are eager to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


 “Everybody’s Going Through Something” has been such a blessing to our ministry. Once again, our precious DJ’s are playing it several times a day as an encouragement to those who are facing hard times. Seems like more than ever that people are going through difficult times. Thank the Lord we are not alone. He is always with us and He is faithful to carry us through every situation.

Everybody’s going through something.  Everybody faces a storm now and then. So if everybody’s going through something, I’d rather go through something with HIM.”

This week I heard someone talking about ‘faithfulness’. It has stayed with me all week. Faithfulness is doing the same thing over and over to the best of our ability. My prayer is to stay faithful to the Lord!!

Susan’s son, Joseph, turned 18 on October 29!! He also made the basketball team so it was a very good day for Joseph. Susan cried! He’s growing up too fast!! Lol

Jeff is working hard getting his Master’s Degree in English. So far he has made all A’s!! We are so proud of him. He is hoping to teach on-line courses while traveling with us.

Ok, there is still time to sign up with KPNR for the Templeton Tours cruise to Cozumel and Grand Cayman Islands in February!!! Remember if two adults are in the room, kids under 16 are free! So don’t wait any longer. We would love for you to spend your vacation with us! 🙂

There are a lot of great concerts coming up. Be sure to check our schedule and join us. We would love to see y’all!!

Love & Prayers, Karen