Kasey Kemp asks for prayer

Haley and Kasey Kemp and family
Haley and Kasey Kemp and family

Kasey Kemp, of gospel music artists the Kemp Family, wrote on his Facebook page this morning of an accident that happened while they were singing.

Haley and Kasey Kemp and familyHe tells of the following

Prayers appreciated!

This morning after our first song, there was a major equipment malfunction and it caused Haley to get shocked by a microphone. It was shocking enough that it caused her body to freeze, drop to the floor and she was unable to get the microphone out of her hand. I pried it out of her hand as it shocked me, too!

Haley has been taken by ambulance to the hospital short of breath and with major shaking.

Avaline was on stage with us and was headed to grab a mic to as to help us sing when Haley grabbed it first, shielding Avi from this happening to her.

Haley KempWe are at the hospital now and I will update everyone asap. Please pray for Haley and our family. We appreciate your prayers and love.


PS Tonights service has obviously been canceled and will be rescheduled soon. Thank you for understanding.


Please be in prayer for Haley Kemp and her family.