Legendary Bass Singer Ken Turner Joins Valor

 Statesville, NC- Valor III has announced that beginning on November 26, 2011; legendary bass singer Ken Turner will be joining the group as their bass singer. Ronald Moore, tenor for Valor III says, “We have had the privilege of working with Ken for a few years at the Streets of Gold Concert Series with Joe Chioda. The last time that we were there, Ken sang with us on a quartet song and the rest they say is history.” Ken Turner says, “I have been in a solo ministry for 6 years and never had an interest to join another group until I heard these men. Their blend and harmonies were so tight and I knew that if I was going to sing with another group, the time was now and I am excited about joining these guys on the bus as well as on stage.”

Ken is no stranger to Southern Gospel music. He sang 25 years with James Blackwood as part of the Blackwood Brothers. He celebrates his 61st year singing professionally this year! Jeff Rowland of Valor III comments, “This is a great day for Valor III. We are excited to have Ken Turner’s heart for ministry and love for music. He is a gentleman and does everything first class and we are so excited to welcome him to the group.” The group will now be called Ken Turner and Valor III beginning November 26, 2011 at the 1st Annual Harvest Fest in Statesville, NC with the Harvesters Quartet.